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The massive proportion of people dying are already in the age ‘death-zone’ or have serious health issues to being with. Colin Powell for example was 84 with cancer!

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Self-deportation is the way.

Make exorbitant fees and criminal charges for housing, feeding, or hiring these people. Give them period to get the fuck out. Then starve them out and force them to leave. Anyone who helps gets hit with massive fines and possible jail time.

As much as I want to load the fuckers into cattle cars, this is the only realistic way in our system

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I’d pump some baby batter in those lady purses

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Him abusing his cackling sycophants is annoying. Whenever they get a laugh he’ll start with the passive-aggressive insults

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I get annoyed that he cries about YouTube censorship, tweaks their nose, and then cries when he gets banned doing shit he know will get him in trouble.

I like the dude but that’s some lefty cry bully shit

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We should contract our gay problem to ISIS

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Discharging officers in same category as those caught pissing hot. Not even just discharging them, trying to run them out in disgrace.

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Crazy how they write a book, overprice it, and then mandate you buy it. Went to university in the UK and I never encountered it — pretty sure it wasn’t even allowed.

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They just really emphasis their children’s education!

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Drug companies are not even allowed to advertise in most Western Countries.

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Father used to work near him in the military and he was a piece of shit. Literal definition of a political military officer, concerned with politics more than his actual job.

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Dude, I think I’d be happier if I found out me not being vaxxed killed Colin Powell!

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Yeah, but his vax don’t work if you don’t have one too!

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