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That's not really true. Go look at county by county

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He can procreate he Wont procreate

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Lol my brother set off an entire block of firecrackers and a sheriff deputy saw him. He was cool and just said no more. We're back to setting more off lol .

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Definetly a left wing meme. That I hate too

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Every American should be required to visit a communist country when they're 18.

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And your monarchy is doing so much better right? Sure we have Clintons and Bushs. But guess what? None of them have been able to take away or have kept me from acquiring any of my firearms. I can also go online and call Biden a faggot. I can call the queen a royal whore. I can say Muhammad is a pedophile. It's great having the freedom to say whatever insulting shit I want about anyone and I have that right. You dont. you're a subject.

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I can put up with that. I already did actually as a matter of fact

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I bet they'll categorize those as antisocials.

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I will. CARRY YOUR WEAPON PEOPLE . Better caught with it than caught without

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Millennial here. I also feel the same as you and grew up the same too. And I agree πŸ’―

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Yea of course this is our only outlet! These assholes are given every public and private platform to complain on.

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Even if I do leave I still don't think it should just be given to radical communists. That will seriously weaken and destroy the rest of the states.

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I love Paul Harvey. You should also listen to "if I were the devil". https://youtu.be/cg5i7OPRaNg

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I pray DC falls into the sea too but it won't happen. And if it does, they'll make Austin the new faggot capitol. We have to eradicate the ideology. Commies should be scared to say their opinions. Yet they have us afraid to say ours. In the USA of all places. I never thought I'd live to see this.

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