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Hook line and sinker … the media can’t live without trump

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It not ourselves … it’s the FDA

They have a monopoly to maintain so they restrict supply with production and importation licenses

It has nothing to do with the people … and everything to do with the buerocratic state

The FDA has so much power because your neighbors demand absolute safety and regulation … and they give up our rights and freedoms as consumers

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The drug cartels are the armed wing of the Communists.

Enter america where the uniparty mafia benefits from pyramid schemes, weapons trafficking and human trafficking

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Run them over … stand trial … stay alive

Sounds good to me

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1930s Germans were in the vanguard of nihilism and decadence … Berlin was the capital of vice and perversion …

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Correction: he told “us” the right things … behind close doors he told them he was playing ball … RINOs don’t want the IRS to target them either … their mutual corruption is their insurance policy … just like the mafia … to make it in, you have to be witnessed committing a murder/rape.

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To conquer thy enemies … is not a feminine trait

If there were a Olympic competition on gossip … men would be fucked

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I do not find transexuals attractive, seductive, motherly or inspiring

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