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Unfortunately there's too much of that on our side. Even Trump is guilty of it, recently shitting on his press secretary McEnany, who has done a fantastic job defending him.

If we insist on 100.00% adherence, we're going to make a ton of unnecessary enemies.

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This should already be the standard for any sane person. Don't give your money to people who hate you, people who insult and mock you and openly state that they intend to destroy your culture and your history.

Buy local, from people who share your values, and buy in cash.

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No sane person could think that this ad would cause a net increase in people buying ford trucks. They knew that many more people would be pissed off rather than motivated to buy by this.

Those coming up with this lunacy are either deranged, or being forced to destroy their own brands, or both.

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Not lawless - the law is viciously applied against people who defend themselves, who exercise their Constitutional rights, or who are victims of crime.

It is only lawless for criminals.

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Obviously anything pushed by that POS should be rejected, no matter what.

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It's either free speech, or it isn't. And if it's true they're censoring criticism they don't like, then it isn't.

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The faint glimmer of hope for twitter's rebirth is now gone. Putting a woke vaxatorian wef commie in charge is inexcusable.

They got to him, or he was a fraud from the outset - either way, it's over.

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Awesome to hear, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Please don't touch the opiates, no matter how hard the doctors push them on you.

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There are some good guys, but their job is not to keep people safe, or actually improve their communities' quality of life -- it's to get arrests. The arrest is what counts, let the DAs figure out the rest.

That's the incentive structure, and the objective given to them. Unless that changes (and it won't), the safest option is to avoid all of them as much as possible.

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Every one of them were thinking it, but to say it would be an instant career-ender.

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Have you ever had a filthy, reeking, completely out of their mind violent psycho homeless guy screaming at the top of his lungs 2 inches from your face, making jerky movements and threatening you while you're trapped in a small space? A guy you know is capable of doing anything, who is not limited by law or reason?

Assuming not, because if you had, you'd have a different take on this. Go to nyc and ride the subway for a while, you'll run into one of these before long, then you can better judge whether he's a "thug" or not.

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This is really uncalled for.

You can disagree without degenerating into redit.

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Some of the hundreds of AB InBev Brands:

  • Foster’s
  • Great Northern Brewing Co
  • Helga
  • Melbourne Bitter
  • Mercury
  • NT Drought
  • Hoegaarden
  • Leffe
  • Stella Artois
  • Alexander Keith’s
  • Boomerang
  • Blue Star
  • Labatt
  • Beck’s
  • Löwenbräu
  • Spaten
  • St. Pauli Girl
  • Peroni
  • Corona
  • Modelo Especial
  • Grolsch
  • Bass
  • 10 Barrel Brewing Co
  • Blue Moon
  • Blue Point Brewing Company
  • Budweiser
  • Busch
  • Coors
  • Goose Island Brewery
  • Hamm’s
  • Icehouse
  • Keystone Ice
  • Michelob
  • Mickey’s Malt Liquor
  • Miller
  • Milwaukee’s
  • Natural Ice
  • Red Bridge
  • Rolling Rock
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Don't forget Milwaukee's Beast.

Colt 45 and OE800 were also popular - you're not going to enjoy it, so might as well go with a higher alcohol content so you can drink less of it.

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With very limited exceptions, the right answer is never more laws and more government power.

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