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Most people have downloaded a file. It’s easy.

Except if you live in a swing state on the southeast U.S. coast -- and the file came from the Secretary of State’s office.

When you process the file, it contains about every way of screwing up your search capability.

For instance: it is supposed to be comma delimited but it isn’t. It has non-ASCII characters embedded. That means search engines will flail with no result. It has half quote marks which means there is no end of quote so it will not process. There are nonsensical control characters throughout the data set.

This is deliberate data sabotage, intended to make it almost impossible for citizens using traditional tools to parse the data paid for with their taxes.

This example is a Republican Secretary of State in effect saying: “well, if I have to give you the voter roll, here it is, now just try to search it!”

Unfortunately for this guy, our team uses Fractal Programming and while it set us back half a day, that data is cleaned and in the hands of citizens who want to get some answers. They will.

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Raffensperger's decision to investigate the allegations and secure the video and phone evidence puts him at odds with Georgia's governor, fellow Republican Brian Kemp, who received a briefing last spring from True the Vote on its harvesting allegations about but did not take the matter further after True the Vote did not volunteer the names of suspected ballot traffickers.

Kemp referred the matter to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, which did not seek subpoenas to try to secure the video surveillance, phone data or suspected names from True the Vote using a subpoena.

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"His assignment included collecting ballots, both from voters in targeted neighborhoods and from NGOs that had their own ballot collection processes, delivering those ballots to other NGOs, picking up designated ballot bundles from the same group of NGOs, and depositing ballots into drop boxes spanning six counties in the metro Atlanta area."

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A pathological liar in the White House and a pathological liar advising on public health. What could possibly go wrong?

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Strawman of The Year goes to... "It could have been so much worse..."

Gaslighting Argument of The Year goes to... see above.

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“After the polls are closed, make available to the public an online copy of any digital images of ballots in a manner that allows the images to be searchable by precinct but that precludes any alteration to the images. The digital images of the ballots are public records.”

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All Cause Mortality was first exposed in the UK recently. US is catching up. Don't take your foot off the gas! We need to see more of these stories in the U.S. and in every country.

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The big insurance companies are going to be p*ssed! Big Pharma is driving up all the deaths and injuries and they have to pay. They can't deny the claims because they weren't officially recognized as vaccine injuries and deaths (because of the Big Govt/Big Pharma data reporting schemes). Big Pharma has no liability. Big Govt deliberately avoids paying vax injury claims (they have paid one so far), so everyone is going to go to Big Insurance. How is Big Insurance going to f up Big Pharma?

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Israel is extremely competent and does not need U.S. donations. Shared intel, etc., okay, but hard no on cash... unless by referendum by the People, their personal decision. No voter ever voted to give their hard-earned money to ANY foreign country.

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