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Dr Shiva was going to do the signature match work in 2021 during the Arizona Audit but he cancelled because he wasn't paid. You can read his contract termination email online.

Imagine if all these images had been revealed last year. It's more damning than anything that came out of the 2021 audit if it's proven by independent sources no mistakes were made.

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TTV, I discovered, has a "whistleblower compensation fund." So whistleblower interaction is a bigger part of their work than most people realize. Therefore if they cave immediately or easily, they would sacrifice a significant and presumably very valuable part of their outreach.

It's a noble endeavor but it doesn't have the safety net of a govt whistleblower program, or even the fear of reprisals that come from acting against whistleblowers supported by the police or govt. A civilian version would have to be very well thought out to work well and mitigate enough risk to TTV and the whistleblowers.

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I read somewhere that a donor had sued them. So I went to look up the case. This statement was made in a declaration by Catherine. Now it's clear why they are so careful and serious about privacy.

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"I will look into this. Twitter should be even-handed, favoring neither side," Musk tweeted early Sunday morning in response to Fitton, who posted a related Just the News story on the matter, titled "Election 'misinformation' policing returns as Twitter flags JTN ballot harvesting report."

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FBI trying a nasty move. Miracle needed. If I understand this ominous situation correctly.

It looks like the Chinese assets at the FBI asked the judge to abuse the law on Gregg and Catherine.

It looks like the informant technically "hacked" to get the data even though he only guessed a password.

So the "hacker" informant is facing prison for hacking... the FBI told him they'll keep him out of prison if he tells the judge what they tell him to say about Gregg and Catherine.

G&C may have decided to go to jail until they figure out how to counter this FBI scheme.

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He appears to be talking about that guy who wanted $2,100,000 ($1/ballot) to audit Maricopa, then settled for a "deep discount" of $210,000 for an audit which Dr. Shiva said was fraudulent.

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Nice to see you again. I hadn't checked your posts for a long time until today and now I see you just posted in the last 23 hours.

I just sent you a direct message here on .win. Let's chat. :-)

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I was tracking GP for a few months... listening to his podcast, interviews, etc. He said starting a while back, that there were a few prosecutors interested in his data....

He said he travelled to see them.

Another time he said he'd been in CA.

Then another time he told us they were at The Pit.

After that he was saying they had met with them again.

The next time he said the prosecutors were about to act.

So this has all been in the works for many weeks if not months.

So this NYT fool who claims the Anon community targeted the CEO and they caused the arrest is total b.s.

If GP had cucked out when the FBI threatened him, this CEO SOB would still be running his ****.

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