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No, you did a nija edit in a lame attempt to make me look like a fool after I asked a question, pointing out your incompetence.

Also I do know who Kanye is, if you bother to check my comment history:



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You deepstate shills nija edit like the faggots you are.

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I'm going with Ocam's Razor.

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She just called all blue collar working class people who pay taxes, Nazis.

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That fact that his account was susspended without his consent, means it can be reinstated without his consent.

After the account is reinstated Donald Trump can choose to delete his account, if he so chooses.

Stop distracting from the fact that the reinstatement of the account is now 100% a decision of Elon Musk.

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I'm still waiting for you to tell us what's coming next.

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"working class are substantially with Lula's"

Weird how I see reports of how the working class is almost universally in support of Bolsonaro. And how the rich left elite are 100 percent behind Lula.

"The military is with Bolsonaro"

If that were even remotely true, they would have joined the working class in stopping Lula's coup.

Btw, I know you are a leftist propoganda shill, working for the rich.

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"Funny because police are basically blue collar workers"

Years ago I was inside homes of police officers (by invitation), more than once.

They are NOT working class by any stretch of the imagination.

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Meanwhile people are still stitting in jail without a trial for walking berween velvet ropes in a public building:


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"most people with Bolsonaro"

Yes, most people are with him including almost all the blue collar working class.

" the military"

The reports I analise indicated Bolsonaro was unable to appoint enough officers to make any meaningful difference. Unknown.


With few exceptions the police are universally hostile to the blue collar working class. They are fercely loyal to the leftest deepstate, and they tolerate the upper middle class.

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Why don't they ever quote him?

Why do the never post a video "exposing his bad behaviour", or audio ?

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