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also why our birth certificate is printed on bonded paper, serialized, and traded on the open securities exchange market as a financial instrument.

who could come up with such a devious system of enslavement?

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Women's hostility is the problem.

Their place is where you put them

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jewish women

Are they really women tho?

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Not sure what southern Germany was predominantly in the early 1900s but Hitler was raised Catholic.

The argument of forced German indoctrination schools being bad for kids then should be equally applied to government public schools today, which are indoctrination camps pushing CRT, LGBT, BLM, etc.

Except the difference between the two examples are night and day, one objectively good the other blood boiling. One we demonize the other we rationalize and tolerate.

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Did catholics attend mass on Sunday in 1940s Germany?

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If everything is a priority nothing is truly important. If everyone works no one really works, that's just life: debt bondage.

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The self-esteem angle is interesting, absolutely tied to jewish hypnotic programming.

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You're advocating peace when we are already at war, safety when there's anything but that anywhere. There's a time to act and a time to wait. What exactly are you waiting for again?

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By a rainbow judge and jury of pedo sympathizers

Hard pass

Death penalty

There ya go now

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how can i be mad?

i posted joker meme about people like yourself losing their mind, not mine.

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