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My tenant didn't pay for 18 mo. They finally moved out after eviction court lifted the covid moratorium. I'm apparently the bad guy....

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Why are you defending someone who didn't defend himself? "At his plea hearing on March 27, Fields admitted under oath that he drove into the crowd of counter-protestors because of the actual and perceived race, color, national origin, and religion of its members. He further admitted that his actions killed Heather Heyer, and that he intended to kill the other victims he struck and injured with his car in the crowd.

Fields also admitted that, prior to Aug. 12, 2017, he used social media accounts to express and promote white supremacist views; to express support for the social and racial policies of Adolf Hitler and Nazi-era Germany, including the Holocaust; and to espouse violence against African Americans, Jewish people, and members of other racial, ethnic, and religious groups he perceived to be non-white. "

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If only Texans had a national guard and armed citizens to protect their border snd fight off feds who try to interfere with their defense.

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When was this?

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Yea I listened to it on a couple road trips. You zone out during the boring parts, but rewind and pay attention when he describes different situations

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And how we burned in the camps

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Never say anything negative about your wife in public. Always compliment her when you're out and about.

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I'm convinced wars aren't fought with bullets anymore. We need to learn how to fight this new type of mind virus war

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Prices will stay high. That's what I mean... we won't see a coke for $1 anymore just like we won't see ice cream for a nickel.

Prices will hopefully slow down rising as fast. Did they change the criteria for the CPI since trump?

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Inflation is down to 5% now, it's coming down. Stop with the negativity and start getting back to positivity. I've cream won't be a nickel anymore, we'll survive.

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We need to be positive, everything is negative these days. It's no fun, this is supposed to be a 24/7 high energy Trump rally!

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Beautiful home - way to go!

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Glad you went. The church is a place for sinners who want healed, just like a hospital is filled with sick people.

I hope you find a church that with folks who teach the Bible and you connect with.

We used to go to a hipster church in LA, was a great experience for us and led a ton of young college kids to christ.

by Drud14
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Why would you buy a beer you can't sell? Makes sense to me

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Twitter is all bots. I see people with 2m followers who get 2-3 likes and no comments on their posts... how is that possible?

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I'm afraid you're acting like Cornwallis. We no longer fight wars with bullets. They're fought by destroying people's lives socially. Bankrupting and ostracizing them.

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