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Bullshit. He literally said that organized non-violent resistance is the only way to go. The "violent riots" broke out after he was murdered.


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MLK was no commie. There is a reason the FBI paid shills like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to snitch on him and sabotage his movement. When they failed, the feds killed him.

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My fav part is at 0:06 when the guy tackled a stray cop to the ground.

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I like Topher more, Tom Macdonald fans got salty when he dissed him about being a canadian grifter.


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He enacted the Mulford Act ​while he was Governor in California, repealing the constitutional carry of loaded firearms in public because he was afraid of the black panthers.

And typical gun grabber lingo

"Governor Ronald Reagan, who was coincidentally present on the capitol lawn when the protesters arrived, later commented that he saw "no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons" and that guns were a "ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will."



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I like Reagan because of his charisma and charm but many ignore that he was a gun grabber too.

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I can't watch x files any more because of how cucked both actors are in real life. I have a hard time ignoring it. I loved Rome the TV show but holy fuck are those actors SJW cucks on Twatter.

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With Jesus? You know damn well who will be doing the cocaine up there


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Your race does not define your culture. I have nothing in common with a white russian or white australian other than my skin color. Not every white country has the same culture.

Retards like you think that being white alone gives you the right to claim the culture of european countries you never even visited.

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He was raised right by Herschel.

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Its ok to marry or date whoever you choose to and not let race obsessed gimps influence your decision.

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I guess she was in a hurry to find out if gingers do have souls or not

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no shipping to austria, guess customs here is harder to get by

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See, anytime someone tells me that gay people have a choice when it comes to being gay i always refer to you guys because nobody would choose to sniff and molest feet if they had the choice of a womans whole body.

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My dad told me to marry a redhead because a rusty roof equals a wet basement but i married a southeast asian instead

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