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They target conservatives too, at the world shooting and recreational complex in IL you get free targets if you are jabbed. Sad!

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Maybe its time we start digging tunnels around virginia and maryland

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Yeah its a full time amish community, some are there full time but many just come down during the winter as a vacation. Amish are the best.

Here is part 1 of his series


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As a born catholic, in my opinion the amish are how god wanted us to live and they have worship services in their homes, not sin during the week and then think we can just pray it away at a church on sunday.

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Anyone that has to create a fucking LOTTERY with a $10mil cash prize to push a vaccine should be suspect AF but liberals and thinking does not go together.

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The vietcong did not win because of their fighter jets, they won because they ended up a huge pain in the ass that would have taken decades to defeat.

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Even if DeSantis is not there, going to Sarasota is worth your time. If any pede here goes there, make sure to stop by the amish in pinecraft.


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He has literally accomplished nothing before he started grifting identity politics to retards like you. He never had a business, is not married, has no kids, all he does now is grift identity politics and sell merch with Trumps slogan.

The fact that you call me gay while defending your little catboy dating lolli jerking grifter is hilarious. I know who you are, you are the one who feels the need to have multiple alt accounts, i first saw your sorry ass under the name somalia_is_gay, yikes bro, fuentes fanboys are super cringe, just like the guy they worship.

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Its funny to me because Fuentes literally accomplished nothing besides grifting but cucks like you suck him off. He has the same amount of life experience as a caged hamster.

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Technically yes, in reality most just get an escort, an escort is paid for the time spent with you, not for sex, that way its semi-legal if you happen to hook up with said escort, which is the case 100% of the time.

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It is so obvious that elections are rigged or people like Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Graham etc would long be gone.

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You dont need to go to church to practice your religion.

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Nah, source literally him on video whining about getting threats after attending charlottesville and having to leave school because of it.

Literally David Hogg 2.0

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Facts are not conspiracy theories, but congratulations, you just figured out what tribalism is. Im sure fuentes appreciates his loyal fanboys that hold his pants while he goes balls deep with catboys.

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I used to call Tim the Bald Eagle when he was somewhat honest before the election but now he is more like a garden gnome sitting on his white picket fence.

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