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Great, i can't wait to call the next Texan i see a europoor or eurofag.

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Is Trump a german just because his grandfather came from germany? No

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Those kids are haitian not african

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Clearly a hate crime. People claim Pelosi whispered "This is deep state country"

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Since hes able to travel to the US he must be vaccinated since i was not allowed to return without a jab. Reading his Twitter he made it seem like he was unjabbed.


"Unvaccinated visitors from the United Kingdom will not be allowed to enter the United States."

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Armed robbery is a felony and nowingly selling a firearm to a felon is a felony so that person would end up not being allowed to purchase another firearm legally.

But you can't just deny people the right to own a firearm based on their skin color or you might as well fire all black cops. 2A secures the right for everyone

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Thats why Chris Distefano said his first move as Prez would have been to promote AOC to head of the CIA. Nobody taps phones better than Puerto Rican women.

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Florida and Texas better grow some balls with banning abortions or Texas IS going to be blue in 2024

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IDK if hes racist, i know hes big on the 2A for the black community

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Women can literally pop a plan B pill after they have been raped in order not to get pregnant, can someone tell them they don't have to wait for weeks so they can abort a child?

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Goodbye liberal whores, time to move back to California and New York if you want to murder babies.

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It keeps liberal whores and their cuck husbands bound to liberal states if they want abortions, it is now up to states like texas to make it murder if someone living in texas travels across state lines to get an abortion.

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The ÖVP is as conservative as Nancy Pelosi. They are currently letting in thousands of illegals over the border every single week

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FPÖ is the real conservative party, ÖVP is like the "moderate democrats", SPÖ the "socialist Democrats" and the green party and neos are the progressive cucks, We have a politician called Herbert Kickl, hes in the FPÖ, he gets shit on like Trump almost daily, its crazy how similar the attacks are.

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Im austrian and im glad but theres a presidential election coming up and they did it because they were polling lower than Biden is in the US

Record Inflation

Gasoline 12€+ Gallon

Prices of goods skyrocked, food up almost 100% to the year before

Electricity bills through the roof, you keep hearing of people getting billed thousands of € for electricity.

Gas reserves fumbling and heating costs up 60% too, i pay 70€ more a month for my small 800sqft condo

Overall this is a huge fuckfest here in austria and its only a matter of time before the house of cards collapses.

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