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I'm thinking it wasn't her nails that were manicured. She had fake nails that are being soaked off. Not the same thing there, General.

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Yeah. Happy for hockey, but the excitement is gone. Not signing up for contact tracing to go to a game. Fuck it.

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Little did he know most of the audience was like you and got the tickets on House Seats. Lol

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Hope it gives them some satisfaction

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Magic never had AIDS. Change my mind.

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OSHA isn't going to do anything

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I got a brand called Doctors Best NAC regulators. Available at Sprouts and Smith's (kroger.)

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Ladies. Putting your hand on your hip does not make you look thinner. I'm assuming that's why they pose like that. Looks so stupid.

Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.

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I said this at a dinner last night. Six people who did NOT vote for Biden, but only one got the reference.

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This happened two days ago....October 7?

Did I miss a couple days?

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I went to an outdoor arts festival thing last weekend. Lots of arts, crafts and food. oh yeah, and the local EMTs with their booth for the JAB. Totally normal. I just looked at them and laughed.

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