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Biden = Deli Mustapha?

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No worries, all commie dictators sounded like this during their last months.


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Hahaha, he looks just like every commie dictator from Eastern Europe before falling

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Watch old videos from East Europe and learn.

Start with Baltic Way, continue with Ceaușescu, finish with Milosevic


This is all normal, we used to call it "medijski mrak" "darkens of media" or something like that.

This is why you MUST PARTICIPATE and see it with your own eyes.

There will be phrases:

  • just a handful of extremists

  • "foreign mercenaries"

  • they are working for XYZ

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Patriot from Yugoslavia here. Look... State TV stations are going to lie. Radio is going to lie, internet, newspapers... It is normal.


You need to see the truth with your own eyes and you need to speak with random strangers in order to stay sane.

This is where government propaganda is reaching the frontier.

The moment you join the crowd - propaganda can't get you

The moment you start investing your time, your energy (NOT your money), your strength - they are doomed.

I've said earlier, and I'll say it again: Baltic Way, the longest human chain (similar, huh?) marked the end of communism in Eastern Europe.

Imagine the event that involved 1/3 of the total population?! 1 per family! Literally everybody. There is no amount of state propaganda that was able to suppress it.

Central Europe followed the suit, it was peaceful.

Stupid, stubborn Ceaușescu of Romania needed to die (and at least 1000 more) before Romania became free.

And finally, idiotic Milosevic kept ruining everything for 10 more years.

I'm said that West became what it became and I'm sad to see that the events we can see now were not organized earlier - but still, GodSpeed, this is the right move.

What I think about communism, some 250 pages:


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Not a single one was fired, in two years, thus...

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DISOBEDIENCE, massive civil DISOBEDINECE is the only remedy.

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Man from the Balkans here: yes, Moldovan girls can be stunning, with the combination of Roman (Italian? Dacian?) and Slavic genes. Pure Romanian girls are also good, unless Gypsies X)

However, there is maybe something even better: Slavic-Italian = blondes from Croatian Adriatic coast

Rest of the Balkans: Slovenia, a bit more square face and larger boobs

Bosnia, nuh, too Turkic

Montenegro: can have face of Angels, but the body is average

Albania - the worst looking. Just the fact of life :|

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You know that model Saju90, Slavic+Korean, very specific?

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Milosevic's TV liked to call all the protesters: "domestic traitors and foreign mercenaries", they were also "trabants and satellites" (trabant is "satellite" in German, nobody is using that word), and his wife enjoyed using the word "satrap". That was some ancient Persian serf or whatever...

I remember being at some protest as a student. The report was:

rioters smashed the windows by throwing rocks...

They broke police barricades...

Reality: one window was broken 2 h before the protest even started

At some point a group of priests was passing towards the church HQ and being old, the police line allowed them to pass and take a shortcut.

Literally 1 second of that video was used to show "the rioters smashing police line".

Absolutely. Nothing. Happened.

Not a single rock, not a single fist. Nothing.

Moral of the story: once you see the truth, you don't trust the TV anymore. Not even for weather reports.

Red pilling

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This was my childhood during the 90's in the East Europe.

We were roaming around with air rifles, hunting birds, making improvised shelters, "stealing" corn, potatoes, and fruits from fields (we don't have big farms, but the patchwork of small fields), making fire, baking stuff...

Splitting wood with an axe and cutting grass with scythe were delightful activities.

Yes... There were some broken arms, broken legs, teeth... Small price to pay.

Here's a video of Luka Modric, one of the best soccer players, when he was 5?!


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Those who are based, are seriously based, others are commies not worth saving.

It's pretty much the same for all the countries in the East Europe

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It's offensive? I still don't give a duck about how offensive it is

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Keep adding! They are fragile animals. Just keep breaking them, one by one, day by day.

Unless they are dominating, they are panicking, because they know how week all their lies are.

Speak out, protest, disobey, meme... Do whatever you can - and a bit more

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Ajde Brnovicu, oca mu jebem!

Come on, Brnovic!

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When this convoy in Canada started, I wrote that this looks like Baltic Way 2.0, mass event that marked the end of Communism in East Europe.

Godspeed! Keep winning! Keep pissing off commies whenever and wherever you can!

Everything counts!

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The official data for my home country of Serbia were published today:

instead of about 104k deaths per year, we have counted 136k?!

We have lost more people this year than in ALL the wars from the 90's combined?!

Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro will publish their data soon, but it will be similar.

My countries are about to lose 1% of their total population - and they are still blind?!

We have just nuked a town

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Of course I see the problem! There are trans-gay-kids?!

Also, not diverse enough

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