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I think there is so much bullshit going on they have to break it into sections.

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You are on the wrong site cuz no one has talked about him here. I am pretty sure zero fucks are given

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There is a system in place to filter out posts. It is called you don’t have to read them.

You are asking for this place to be Fuckbook. Thanks, but I will filter content as I see fit. Not as you see fit.

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This is the cunt who wrote that hit piece


I am shocked. Shocked I tell you!

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It isn't a smear if it is the truth. If that teacher is saying shit like that find out what else is being said. Interview your kids friends when they visit. And pass this along to all the parents of kids in that class and have them ask questions. Then share intelligence

You have only scratched the surface of the communist indoctrination

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William is turning around in his grave

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the headline is top lefty Hollywood cringe. What movie today does not have black people in it? That is like asking what Marvel reboot doesn't have butt bandits in it

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I dated one liberal female(something I do not recommend) and she squealed about going to Costco. When I went there I knew immediately this was lefty heaven in a massive box store.

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The paper market is beyond corrupt and the physical price has pretty much separated from the paper price.

I read the other day that with industrial use at an all time high silver is becoming more scarce than gold and that will only get worse.

Both are on sale.

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This isn't reddit so take your gender queer story hour and shove it up your creepy ass

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Gold and silver are real money and have been for over 5000 years. The dollar is not money and has not been since Nixon removed the gold standard.

Bullion will always have value. Your list is a good list even though you forgot ammo .

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