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I am going to crush you like the vapid little turd you are. Using one liners when called out shows weakness. I can smell it.

You told him to “learn to code” and then created a straw man argument to look intelligent. You failed. The question is not whether he can be fired, the question is whether they will suffer repercussions for that termination. As an employer I understand the one thing you can not do if you are enforcing any rule is lie. He clearly stated they have lied on numerous issues. They now have a liability. This is just my opinion but it certainly carries far more weight than “learn to code’

What a faggot.

They have fucked up as an employer. He has options. Not working for liars isn’t that bad an option. Neither is documentation and exposure. And retribution works as well. You can be rightfully terminated and still bury an employer in paperwork. When they lie, well it can really get ugly.

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Hopefully we get to watch his dreads start to smoke and then flame on. That would be awesome

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That is bullshit not logic. You have never employed a single person. Not once. Ever. Hardly an expert.

But a massive faggot here to stir up shit, yep.

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Raise taxes on who? Employers can’t leave fast enough. Wonder if they can use all that tax money they get from illegals”

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Keep all documentation and yes, go see an attorney that specializes in discrimination suits

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Orange man bad! Communism good!

Bet flyover country looks pretty good now you elitist assholes

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And if he dies your fren can have them wipe his dead ass with his life insurance policy as well since that will be its only value

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Then he 9s outnumbered by the pride month freak show that reinforces every single stereotype. And adds new ones.

But that is bullshit. He is just another drama queen. Stereotype reinforced. Well done!

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Not their job to give a fuck he likes to push poop either. Why announce you are a butt bandit unless you want attention. Like a little bitch

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"according to the NY Times. Do you think we are retarded? Because it seems like you think we are retarded

by Mddet
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Is it wrong that she gives me the wood?


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114 rounds fired. 1 killed, 3 minor wounds. Less than imprressed

If these guys ever start a race war with those shooting stats they are fucked.

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It could be him. HE did ask to have butt sex with me so ......

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Wait...it is a faggot who is just an alternate? You must really suck if you are a boy and can't beat the girls

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And who watches the Olympics anymore?

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If she does she shouldn't cry when her parents home goes up in flames the next day

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