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I think "Where the hell are we?" means that Xiden can't believe he " won" and is in office.

Not that he does not know he is in White House.


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Why? Ye s, I realize the citizenry is currently fat lazy and happy with their NFL and beer.

But surely there must be a tipping point that causes them to rise up and fight.

A small step in that direction is the record gun sales.

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Screw your head on and try to think. He did not get a second term. Obviously that is what we all wanted.

He cannot sit on his ass until 2024. This is the next best thing. And he will have to do zero work and campaigning. A huge Red Wave in 2022 and he is right back in the fight.

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About how many troops left in Iraq? Afghanistan?

Our Trump hates endless wars and wanted them all out.

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You mean try to knock off a (D) seat?

I am thinking he would get somebody from a safe Red District to retire.

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It doesn't really matter. Trump could win any seat without even campaigning. But he would not be really representing any State or district. He is bigger than that.

Speaker Trump and (R) controlled Senate and House would be Xiden's worst nightmare... The next best thing to a Trump second term...

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Mitch is a 100 years old and just got re-elected for six years. Will likely not even run again. He is an untouchaable Swamp Creature.

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Don't know when they come up for re election.

Susan Collins was re-elected in 2020 and is untouchable for six years.

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Ironic that the party supported overwhelmingly by black people is also extremely racist against black people

It is not ironic. Blacks are just too stupid to have figured this out. Not yet.

What part of "record high Black employment under Trump" do they not comprehend?

Hispanic support is at 40% and rising. They have figured it out. Blacks are lagging badly.

Blacks are at 10% nationally (double from 2016 But still pathetically low) and the 98% anti Trump vote in Philly, Detroit and Atlanta swung the Election. Let's call it for what it is... And no it was not just fraud. These idiots actually hate Trump. Miss Ruby and her suitcase and Detroit's Carolyn Johnson did not just appear out of nowhere. There are millions like them. They hate Trump.

They are in for a big surprise when their beloved Xiden and his Chinese Communist masters puts them all back in chains.

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Voting Trump is the best thing for black businesses.

But these dummies voted 90% against their own best interests. 98% in Detroit and Philly and Atlanta.

Fuck them. Let them all go to hell.

I will support businesses that support Trump and provide quality service!

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Agree. To hell with 2024. Time is very very short. These Demonrats are killing the country every second.

There needs to be a huge red wave in 2022 to take both chambers. And hopefully impeach the illegitimate bastard.

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What can they do at the trial? He is not President so he cannot be removed from office. The whole thing is a joke. Alan Dershowitz says it is unconstututional.

Trials are only for sitting Presidents.

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Trump needs to be speaking out more instead of hiding under his bed.

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Is Judge Jeanine still on?

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War is not gonna happen now. Not yet. 90% of the population simply do not have the stomach for war.

And they are too stupid to vote for the right leaders.

It is a hopeless situation and we are headed for internment camps once again.

Maybe the Sheeple will wake up after millions are slaughtered.

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Pence is the GOP frontrunner. You will vote Pence and you will like it.

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