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To enforce the law?

That’s the legal role of the police?

Fucking marxists man. Think the government is a solution to everything.

The whole reason these shooters exist is because we have decided to become immoral and legislate morality in a stupid way. So ironically the same solution which improves police also solves the root of the shooter issue. Imagine that!

Like I said we are clearly engaged in that moral discussion right now and establishing moral standards for police which are perfectly fine. Those standards absolutely supercede the government standards you’re worshipping at the altar of.

Did you just decide to ignore how I outlined the social standard? Even if your preferred law exists. The social standard we talk about here is going to outweigh it regardless. So why ignore it? So you could worship government more?

Like I get it. Corrupt marxists don’t believe in social standards obviously. That’s not my problem though. That’s your own.

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This is such a shit leftist argument.

Like there are plenty of things to complain about in terms of cops.

We just spent a year talking about how we shouldn’t be compelled to take a vaccine. Yet somehow we are supposed to compel police to do what is obviously moral and right.


Look at what you’re doing. You’re literally in the midst of a thread where people who didn’t protect the public are rightfully facing social attack. Why do we need some stupid constitutional requirement when the social standard is already higher to begin with.

Retards around here lately….

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Of course you did.

This is the first time I ever read a reply like this. Yours is an entirely unique perspective that has never been spammed here before.

I can play the same game.

“I used to hold your position until I realized that I have never in my life heard someone center or right of center use the words bootlicker and pig”.

Yeah. The ridiculous comment upvotes lately and the stupid language these people use are legit. 🙄

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Why don’t you do it and see how it works out for you!

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I mean is my perspective doom. Or is yours a ridiculous amount of hopium.

I feel like the answer to that question entirely depends on the TSLA stock price.

Let me know how that works out. 🤷‍♂️

You morons act like he did us a favor. He fucked the whole thing up. You think that’s going to make twitter a better place in the future? Are you really trying to represent you’re that stupid. 🤷‍♂️

It’s been over a week now. It’s time to give up on the fairy tale.

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He very much is.

It’s not about logic. His motivation is purely political. The idea is just to weasel his way into arguing for his selected team.

So in that context he makes sense. Not saying it’s right. But yeah.

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Agreed. The comment upvotes are being manipulated hard the past couple of weeks.

You can tell by simply the comment volume. It’s like 2x the volume in posts which actually are still slightly declining in terms of overall popularity.

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This is the most QTard thing I have read on here in quite some time.

2 more weeks and we will really have control of twitter.

Dorsey is antifa. He has no altruistic goals. He never cared about speech. He was screwing over Musk by keeping Elon interested in the stupid ass bid before the bottom fell out.

Wake up.

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So you still refuse to acknowledge the truth about delivery. Ok. 🤷‍♂️

Only making yourself look worse harping on the same singular argument even though you claimed to have knowledge about the big picture.

Like aren’t we literally starting back at my initial criticism? You think that level of stupidity is going to impress someone?

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Sandy Hook was almost certainly a crazy lefty kid.

Las Vegas was likely as well.

Recent Buffalo shooter was left wing authoritarian per his own words.

That’s not the point though.

The point is that your leftist friends will still deny any obvious truths laid out for him.

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I wouldn’t either.

Kamala can use those 2 years to build up a brand and can still run 2 more times because Biden made it to 2 years.

The effectiveness of the move would be zero. If anything it’s a net negative given that she would certainly put forward a race based legislative agenda.

Stop pushing this loser move forward.

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You purported to know it. Then you subsequently made a demand from me.

If you’re making a good faith argument you’ll support your previous statements of knowledge on this topic.

If not then you don’t want the answer to the question you demanded of me.

Let me know.

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Sure thing. Just as soon as you look at delivery inefficiency which you continue to purposefully ignore, Euro.

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I showed that the EV is some 3 times more energy efficient, so unless you're going to claim the power station, distribution etc are less than a third efficient, the EV wins.

I clued you in on the inefficiency of power delivery.

Did you even look?


If you then want to talk about the energy used in mining/drilling/refining/transport, then I'm afraid you're on your own here, there are too many bullshit numbers floating around, and I don;lt have access to any reliable ones.

“Common sense is ok when I (incorrectly) think it benefits my argument. But when it benefits someone else’s I have to ignore it.”

Tell me you’re purposefully ignorant without telling me. Lol.

Also. I pay for gasoline. I don’t pay for petrol Euro. Go interfere with your own politics.

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Why is it that when a shooter helps the liberal narrative the overall sentiment is that white supremacy and online free speech are literally the only problems in America.

But when it helps the conservative narrative people like you got to come here and spam bullshit about driving America apart.

As if I want to coexist with lazy and stupid communists.

You know what’s driving America apart? Failed extreme leftist policies like illegal immigration. Why don’t you go over to Reddit and tell them that.

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Of course you do.

Because god forbid anyone blame the real party at fault.

Shill accounts arent going to give free upvotes for that.

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I don’t understand this reply.

so even if you take into account the efficiency of the power station, the distribution, etc it’s still better

This shows you were the guy saying that the entire system is more efficient.

But now you’re pretending you didn’t just say that and only use a specific example limited to the vehicle itself?

This definitely reads like you may be trying to avoid a real discussion about that.

You didn’t consider the energy cost of harvesting coal vs harvesting petroleum.

You didn’t consider the cost or efficiency of burning that coal.

You didn’t consider the efficiency of delivering electricity to a home (Hint: this destroys your entire argument).

You didn’t consider the efficiency in converting AC to DC or how much energy is lost in battery storage.

You sound a lot like Elon. Someone who pretends to be a lot smarter than they really are and who gets angry and defensive when their obvious nonsense is challenged in a public manner.

If you’re going to convince people of a specific idea then you should be willing to confront the big picture. Not just give the big picture some lip service and hope that no one notices you’re actually ignoring it.

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If I was Trump I’d be sick of his nonsense.

Trump was probably secretly amped to get back on twitter before 2024 and dude flamed out hard, just making the situation even worse.

Not only will they censor harder but now the left knows their propaganda platform of choice is vulnerable.

Elon Musk. What a genius.

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Oh noes!

My point about loan rates was absolutely correct. Quick! Let’s quibble about some definitions, maybe that way you’ll look a little less stupid!

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I mean of course magically critics and the media will “pounce” because both media and the government are just extensions of an oligarch system at this point.

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The interest paid on an 8% loan (1972) vs a 4% loan (2020) is more than twice as much.

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That was the height of inflation. So you were paying 5-7x that price over the life of the mortgage instead of 3x.

Another fact these people never bring up / complain about.

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Lol. This is such bullshit.

This is him getting ahead of the fact that the banks are already margin calling him to out more capital up due to Tesla shares falling.

What a loser.

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