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No way she wins.

Would be smart for her to immediately come out and say she doesn’t recognize any result of an election with external meddling.

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The sad part is it just shows how racist these people really are.

You know the first tweet prompted Pfizer to post the second. They did so without even a moment of self reflection or attempt to understand why this might be problematic.

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The real reason they don’t want the internet to make you a Phd is that then there would be millions of more people they would have to pay off / manipulate within the system.

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Make no mistake this is winning.

But let’s also be honest about what this REALLY is.

Suddenly the military isn’t hitting its recruitment targets so magically their arguments in court just got substantially worse and judges have no choice but to rule against them.

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Not only this which is entirely correct but the moron acts like a population increase doesn’t also multiplicatively increase GDP over time.

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You only had 4 kids? We had 8 kids 12 cars.

A 10,000 sf house a pool house. A heated in ground pool and 56 acres of property.

And everyone else in my totally average neighborhood totally had that as well.

We didn’t have the internet, cell phones, 1,000 channels, content on demand, video games, 5 4k tvs, the ability to be lazy and work from home, manternity leave, 4 weeks off a year, communication available 24/7, a ridiculously high minimum wage and a bunch of other really stupid and unnecessary progress that people entirely take for granted.

But we totally had it better.

You guys who are going to reply and complain about how you’re the one guy not getting $15 / hour and you made the stupid choice to live in a California city where rent is $3000 monthly are going to get your fake ass self-inflicted victimhood blocked.

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This type of shit is what so call back door Communism.

The first half is fine. Then this hit you with their anti-capitalist millennial victimhood.

Go back to /r/antiwork.

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It’s not as soon as he did that.

It was as soon as he purchased it.

However as soon as I posted some truth you called me a groomer. By the same logic that obviously means you are FBI.

If being as retarded as you is what it takes to win an argument I can certainly go there. Hate to do it but stupid ass logic is really easy to throw around all day.

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This fucking dumbass conspiracy shit does us no favors.

Obviously the EU cares about it’s left wing politics and removing right wing speech.

Q level memes make the people behind a solid and necessary improvement of twitter look like a group of retards.

Stop being a man child and post some real content.

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Do NOT do this.

Plenty of users already know how and those who don’t can find out via other means.

For twitter to directly empower that though gives the EU an excuse to give them.

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Yeah it’s a European influence platform to begin with.

Call their bluff.

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  1. I purposefully dont want to know who he is.

  2. I’m smart enough to know that a quick out of context explanation like that is your likely attempt to get me to sympathize with a scumbag. Don’t treat me like an idiot.

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Hey cool let’s not talk about illegal immigration in a thread about illegal immigration.

Congrats you pulled a Reddit.

Way to really leverage a new site to do the exact same bullshit.

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Yeah it’s not even about confirming. It’s simply about being fair.

If you wanted to assure it was a red state you would actually be disenfranchising your opposition which is what Dems do in various states.

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It’s not enough to be the chair.

He needs to clear house of all the counsel and employees there whose literal job it is to protect donor interests over those of the voter.

You can crowd fund larger money than you can pull from corporations, but you first have to make it clear that corporate money is not accepted.

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He had already teased this twice.

Everyone here knows that means it will never happen.

He’s just holding a carrot to keep a few advertisers around.

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We all know what this is.

Dude reported the truth. Pelosi wants him to recant to create a false narrative and he won’t because it’s the truth.

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It’s funny how one can do nothing but work at a desk for their “entire adult life” and yet because it’s under the auspices of the military claim that under what is essentially false valor and call it “service to the country”.

He didn’t serve anyone but himself and his notion of “service” impacts all whom actually fought for the nation by shitting all over their blood and sweat.

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Libertarianism was one of the gateways that shill accounts used to employ to try and shift people here to the center.

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You’re right.

But you do need third parties in order to create valid markets and convert significant amounts of it to USD in its overvalued state.

You could use it to buy pizzas like the first guy but then BTC would be next to worthless.

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