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Yeah this is the real problem.

The DeSantis hate is whatever. It’s an interMAGA spat.

He’s just another half compromised way to back door leftist crap onto the site here.

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This post is just another lame attempt to legitimize RFK here again.

OP: You guys tried and failed. RFK isn’t going to siphon any Trump votes in the general, it’s time to move on.

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Tbh I don’t think this is true.

Most modern candidates release this information voluntarily.

The only reason Trump did not participate was that it created one of the greatest red herrings of all time. He had every right to do that.

To be fair to Biden he is part of the establishment and would have released that information anyway.

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Tell us you’re mad without telling us. 👍👍👍

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Downgrading from overweight to neutral is what I do after about 5 beers.

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Nah, they get away with it because they know their audience.

The second amendment crowd is completely and utterly subservient to any authority who simply establishes rules.

Do I know why this particular item is illegal, nope.

But here you guys are, bowing down to the very premise of rules based authority while laughing at this situation as if you won something.

Think about that.

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Don’t ask me. Ask the other guy who is shilling him here.

Furthermore what’s your point? “Let’s just let this guy try and take votes from Trump and don’t worry about the negative consequences of doing so in a general election?”

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Nah. No thanks. I like the food.

There’s tens of thousands of businesses that are more insulting than the conservative leaning chicken place.

Maybe pick one of those instead of trying to get me to misdirect my political action against well known liberal targets.

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Indeed. All this does is confirm that OKeefe is already too dangerous to the establishment with his current organization.

It didn’t take long and good for him that he did so in such an expedient manner.

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If you want to celebrate anything but a full release to the public be my guest.

Ok. That’s what I’m doing. Bye!

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Imagine hating on DeSantis but sucking up to RFK who is going to run 3rd party in the general election to siphon Trump voters.

This is the kind of obvious bullshit that mods need to clamp down on here.

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Only the idiot doomers of this site could possibly complain about a lack of transparency for weeks, then turn around and claim that the pre-agreed upon release to other media outlets prior to the public receiving it is somehow the worst thing ever.

Go climb back in your hole please.

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FBI is mad.

There’s tons of other Republican politicians doing the same as Massie.

So why choose him?

Oh that’s right, because he’s actually effective and actually MAGA.

Same thing he has in common with DeSantis.

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Oh look more division in a post meant to be divisive.

Compromised site is compromised. How bold and original.

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Why are we supposed to care about this. 95% of people here own one home or less.

This is Blackrock getting you to care about their company problems.

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Can’t call your account “end wokeness” if you’re going to appeal for an entire industrial complex by complaining about muh healthcare.

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Nothing wrong with that. This is how you gain visibility. That’s always been the way. 🤷‍♂️

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Until you’re trying to win a race and all your “teammates” continually and constantly tell you not to try and that you’re going to lose.

Now tell me. In that situation would you question the integrity, loyalty and motivations of your teammates.

Or would you still ask really stupid questions like the one you just asked?

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To use your race analogy this would be like running a race after complaining about how everyone is so much better than you for hours prior to starting.

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