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If you’re not brave enough to stop censoring the usernames of these people I don’t want to read this stuff anymore.

They got entire brigades of people and upvote bots for the shit they want to pull here.

I don’t even understand why people do this anymore? To put it on Twitter or something?

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I got that graph from old nonewnormal before they freaked out and closed it.

They knew what they were doing. There was a lot of high quality stuff there.

Places like this one are just too small and are easily targeted. Things are really suffering and whole fake narratives are being shilled into existence.

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Go ahead.

Then audit the millions of other leftist charities you have not chosen to attack like an absolute moron.

Compare the Salvation Army 1:1 to any charity of your choice. Let’s see which comes out ahead. You’re utterly clueless.

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It’s incredible how when the left identifies a perfect wedge issue every time they exploit this website for this and the dumbasses here eat it right up.

One idiot does something and we are going to all abandon one of the only good charities left in the world which also happens to be Christian?!?!

What is wrong with people.

If it was Glenn Beck shipping Salvation Army liberals around on planes though you guys would be all for it somehow because “fuck Biden” > importing useless loser refugees into America.

This place is being exploited for losing so damn hard.

Have you guys even seen other charities?!? They are pieces of shit.

Look at the top comment here. Go ahead audit them. Time there is donated. There’s nothing to waste money on. Total leftist projection in the top comment. Unreal.

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The fuck is this?!?

Flying who. People who first were citizens. Then were Christians and now we just all admit they were shithead refugees?

Fuck him.

What did he spend on. An airplane. Who is going to be feeding 100,000 people for 40+ years??!?!

Is he going to do that? Are you?

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I don’t like people who just always post divisive shit when they see a name.

But fuck Glenn Beck and fuck the people here who enabled this POS by saying he was evacuating Christians.

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Oh no I rightfully had an opinion on a year old account and called out stupid negative bullshit which didn’t even make any sense.

How terrible for you.

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And yet none of them are complicit in the specific problems I laid out.

Wedge harder.

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There are plenty of places here to complain about the GOP.

This clearly not one of them.

Not only that but outside of inflation the GOP is NOT as complicit in those items.

You’re just reaching for excuses to drop that divisive wedge issue shit.

Take it elsewhere where it’s warranted, on point, and not just there to farm karma on a site where karma doesn’t matter.

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Yeah that was the dick who got me here.

They also discussed how it would be effective for a year or two and literally every person thought “booster” meant recalibrated for new strains not injecting what is essentially a placebo of the same shit that causes myocarditis and neurological conditions.

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What you don’t understand is this is how redditors work now.

Cryptocurrency. AOC. Tesla. Ferguson. Muh Russia. Dogecoin.

He knows the vaccine is garbage. He knows shit is about to get worse. But he is trying to meme a new reality.

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What about you being 12? 🤫

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Yeah atheists are some of the most annoying people but I’d look elsewhere.

The guy saying 70% is wrong though.

The left has succeeded in making us a non majority Christian nation. But still…..

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Is that right?!

This took me 30 seconds.


Her father, Nur Omar Mohamed, an ethnic Somali from the Majeerteen clan of Northeastern Somalia,[20] was a colonel in the Somali army under Siad Barre


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That’s ”just” exactly how it works, if you don’t want to look lazy as hell.

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I mean it’s one thing to be racist guy.

It’s another thing entirely to claim Epstein got attention.

The story took like 10 years to get any real attention and only really took off because the dumbass got in trouble a second time.

What are you 12?

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Then go look and find one.

Do everyone a favor if it’s nice to have sources on a sticky.

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It’s real.

You learning to search the internet would be nicer.

It’s a fairly well documented fact.

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You guys are missing the undertones I think.

The engineer who got fired a couple years back for not going along with their whole nonsense circulated a similar memo.

This is the media breathlessly awaiting google firing a bunch of people they see as “right wingers”.

Truth is it’s probably a bunch of informed leftists but the media doesn’t care, they are more concerned with sending a public message.

This is popcorn to the TYT types.

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I think it’s ok to criticize her for 24 hours.

Apologizing that quickly, basically turning face overnight means she didn’t make that decision. The people who are funding her re-election did.

So if she wants to bitch out for giving in to big money it’s worth it to criticize her for at least a full day if not a week.

I’m sure a month from now someone will still be here bitching about her because shills gotta get paid. But today it’s cool.

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Honestly no it doesn’t.

“I will not comply” is lazy shit.

It telegraphs you as lazy to the rest of the world.

People respect workers who are going to fight at every opportunity. That’s the emotional reality we are dealing with.

If you’re just going to scream “No” while they shove you in a cage you might as well shut up.

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I support Jews as having a right to exist, we all should. But this interview being 12 years old has virtually no context in terms of the modern day.

I mean we have had 8 years of Obama corruption and fascist DoJ, the media complete Trump freak out and complete movement to pure politics, Russiagate, Covid fascism, and a stolen election since then.

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It’s not really about the woman thing.

I’m not saying MTG is perfect but MTG clearly has a grasp of the issues.

Boebert never demonstrated that for me.

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