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Thank you! That's on me. I had too many tabs open this morning and should have double-checked.

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I'll be sure to pray that things go smoothly with your personal endeavors. Make sure to take care of yourself! You're always helping us out in these threads, so it's only fair that we let you return to your own life every now and then 😉

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Not to derail the purpose of this post, but for those concerned that my break from posting indicated some sort of ulterior motive:

I generally don't want to bother people with the personal details of my life, but I didn't realize that my absence would cause so much speculation.

My grandmother has been sick for nearly a year now. She has bounced back a few times, but it's been bad lately. She's still alive, but she declined recently which was the primary reason for stopping the audit posts. I need the time and energy to be there for her. We're still hoping that we can figure out what's going on before it's too late. Thankfully, we might be having some improvement with a medication she just started taking. However, I may not have time to comment or post on a regular basis until these personal matters are settled.

To those of you who have sent thoughts and prayers her way, I want you to know that I am truly grateful. I know I don't always have time to respond personally to every wonderful comment or dm, but I want you all to know that I sincerely appreciate all the help and kindness you've shown me over the past few months. More than anything, I want her to be able to be able to enjoy the final chapter of her life. She's fought so hard to overcome this, so I hope y'all can understand why I can't dedicate as much time here as I'd like.

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I wasn't planning on starting up the threads again, but julianReyes dm'd me because he believes we need more organization at such a pivotal time. I'm inclined to agree with him.

I probably won't be able to take on the same workload as before. While I may not be able to compile things together, maybe I can operate as a megaphone for those of you with calls to action or important announcements. If you have any calls to action or important developments that you think need more exposure, feel free to dm me a summary that you would like posted and I'll paste it in the audit posts (with credit to the user who sent it of course). It doesn't have to be audit related either. I'm happy to spread info about recalls, vax mandate protests, town halls, group acts of civil disobedience, or anything else that you think needs more exposure. If you send a summary about an event, be sure to include what group is organizing it. It will likely help others feel more comfortable attending if they can look into the group beforehand.

I may not be able to make it a daily thread, but hopefully this will make it a bit easier to disseminate info that can sometimes get lost in New.

u/acasper u/Bigly2021 u/CL1984 u/CrackerJack2 u/GBA4ever u/IncredibleMrE1 u/JohnCocktoastin u/julianReyes u/KitKatCat u/maga_mama_757 u/MuhNameJeff u/NC_patriot u/nickybops u/ninabobby u/PorchLightOn u/Redditcensorsyouandi u/ShyRipley u/saltyviewer123 u/Susurro u/Throwmeaway1235 u/ThurstonHowell3rd u/War_Hamster

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I think there might be some confusion as to what people mean by "audit all 50". I have always meant it the way you describe. Targeted audits in suspect counties just like AZ. There seems to be another group of thought that every single county in the country should be audited. Unfortunately, everyone seems to use the same terminology so it's difficult to decipher which one a person referring to if they don't elaborate.

For the record, I think canvassing is an excellent use of time since it shows we will get to the bottom of this with or without the legislature. To me, it seems like canvassing and audits are most effective when used together. Canvassing reveals the amount of fake votes. Audits reveal the criminal action and who is responsible.

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I may be wrong, but I think they mentioned at the start of Doug's presentation that both the splunk log analysis and the paper examination were still underway and will be released when finished.

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Been busy lately but I'll be making time to watch this. Liz Harris will probably be uploading a pdf with the audit summary that you can door drop. It will likely be on crimeofthecentury2020.com so make sure to check that out.

If I have some spare time, I'll see if I can add a few links to the sidebar post about what's been uncovered in the various swing states so far. That way people can reference it when talking to legislators, normies, or fraud deniers.

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This is what has me thinking it could be this week:


At first, I wasn't sure if Rogers meant this week or the week after this one, but she seems to be indicating it will be this week on her telegram.

I usually take Rogers and TGP with a grain of salt, but Conradson mentions that Karen Fann has confirmed it. Karen has sort of stayed away from speculation. Most of the deadlines that were floated around were from other Senators.

Of course, they've had a terrible track record for their predictions thus far, so I'm not going to hold my breath. But Karen's been pretty reliable, so I have a little more faith that they'll follow through this time.

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I've seen the cheat from multiple angles in other states. Cali is a unique beast, so it could be different there. A company called Runbeck prints, mails, and evaluates the envelope signatures in AZ. There are reports of Runbeck trucking in ballots after polls closed in Maricopa. Runbeck manufactures and mails out mail in ballots in other states as well. However, CA allows at home ballot printing so it might be easier for them to do it the way you described.

Also, a Detroit poll instructor was recorded saying to get the people who have already "voted" to fill out a provisional ballot which they can destroy later.

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SAVE SAVE SAVE any evidence that gets posted! They've scrubbed most of the stuff from 2020. We need to make sure we have this stuff backed up.

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Thanks for the reminders! If they weren't treasonous SOBs, I'd actually be impressed by how thorough they are.

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Off the top of my head, I can't remember a grassroots org in NV, but check out Mindy Robinson. She usually posts about covid protests, election issues, and sometimes writes articles about things going on NV for https://thedcpatriot.com/

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This depends on when she was interviewed. Jordan posted the interview this Saturday, so she might mean this upcoming week or the week after. I post what the senators are saying just so people know what they're putting out there, but I'd personally prefer that they'd shut up until it's ready. They've had enough bad predictions.

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Sometimes state legislators also don't know all their options. It might be worth reaching out to him and letting him know about grassroots groups in his state like USEIP. At times, reps just need some outside help or moral support to get the ball rolling. So I think it's pretty helpful when legislators make statements like this because that let's us know who might actually listen to us.

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Does anyone know who Aaron Wagner is? Apparently, he's from AZ and was key in exposing the ES&S fraud. The America First Audit Channel is reporting that he has passed on and they are trying to find out what happened. I was curious if anyone has heard of him before, or if he has been under the radar until now.


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When the mods moved the updates over to the sidebar, I put the info that stays consistent on that post since people usually have to go over there to find the daily post.

It's the "Keep up with the audit effort in your state" link

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You have a good one as well!

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Happy to help! I've definitely enjoyed the daily discussions. I won't lie though. Due to some personal stuff, it's been a bit difficult to keep up the past two months. But, I'm hoping I can manage until we get the Maricopa results. It always seems so close yet so far. Hopefully, we're in the home stretch.

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I don't really mind if it's just our little group. And if these guys ever lose interest, I don't have any qualms with stopping the posts. Tbh, I think this is just a good way to crowdsource info for those (however few) who are interested in the audits or other local issues.

It does feel weird not having at least one TWO WEEKS comment though lol

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Y'all are often the ones informing me, so thank you. I don't know how helpful this will be to our regulars since you guys are always on top of everything. But I thought that it might be useful for friends, family, or maybe just Trump supporters who don't know about this place. I wanted to put some info together that would be useful to busy pedes, normies, or elder pedes that want to help, but don't know what to do or where to start. I'm certainly not the most politically savvy person out there, but I hope some will find this useful.

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You can check the CDC's estimate of your area's vaccination rate here:


Los Angeles County (a liberal cesspool) only has a vaccination rate of 67.1%. They can't even get near 100% in one of the bluest counties in America.

I imagine the 70% number comes from the same kind of math that they were using to decipher the death rate at the beginning of this nonsense. So they're probably counting your dog's rabies shot in that percentage.

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