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Those who only resort to the barrel of their guns will find themselves lacking in knowledge of how to exit.

Part of why I emplore people to study Sun Tzu is because war is not a temporary state of affairs. It is merely carried out by quieter means when the guns go cold.

In order to be strong enough to maintain peace one has to know what to do when the fighting stops. The question of "what do we do when it's over" should never be decided at the end, but before the beginning.

Putting bodies in the ground is not a strategy, but merely a tactic and not even the preferred one. We're trying to restore a society and build from there.

Too many people see their guns as political power. A talisman against evil when it is merely a tactical tool whose effect varies by the effectiveness of strategy.

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I can't believe we let those people win the fucking argument.

Minimum skills gets minimum wage. Get more skills, get paid more. This bulllshit that we have to pay a "living wage" to people who have nothing to offer in the skills department is abject bullshit.

A burger flipper shouldn't be making more than a welding apprentice.

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If you're still on Facebook and have friends who are still on Facebook then you're an idiot.

Don't operate on battleground prepared for you by the enemy.

Basic fucking Sun Tzu.

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Crenshaw is one of those "I'm a veteran so you can't talk to me like that" shit heads.

I fucking hate those motherfuckers. Veterans who use their service to browbeat Americans out of having an opinion are scum to me.

-Veteran who doesn't do that shit

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It's a coward.

Only man enough to murder unarmed people. Not man enough to fight someone who is capable.

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Better than the risk this piece of shit walks and then there's the cost to tax payers for feeding and housing it.

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They have it in custody now.

Too bad they didn't empty multiple mags into him.