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The great irony is that it is self evident that we are NOT all created equal. Marxism believes if we are all created equal, then inequality is due to oppressions of artificial social constructs like family, nation/race, history, religion, morality, and private property, and the only way to liberate us from the oppression is abolishing these constructs.

As Oscar Levy, a Jew critical of Bolshevism, wrote in his prefatory letter in The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, “There is a direct line... from Robespierre to Lenin.” It should be noted that our Founders fall within that line, and Thomas Jefferson helped write The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen that inspired the psychopathic and demonic slaughter of the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution.

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This is a good take on the US Constitution by Chris Lagan (that 200 IQ guy). In past interactions with some people within the Dissident Right, I remember seeing vocal criticism of the US Constitution — especially the Bill of Rights; And yes, I mean the original one from 1791! They would blame that Constitution for where we are now in the USA, even though the problem is international in nature and always has been. This whole argument that we shouldn't have rights nor sovereignty over our own government because our government is occupied always struck me as just this weird, Jewish, crypto-Marxist frame/dichotomy designed to steer thinking toward more government and less freedom, toward our own slavery. That combined with that crappy notion that the Constitution is just a piece of paper; well guess what, money and laws are just writing on piece of a paper too, but go ahead and try living as if those things don't matter, you won't last very long. The US Constitution is still a force that is blocking most all of the legislative attempts by our enemies to completely wipe us out.

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Catholic Jfk beats protestant Nixon..

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