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I'm aware of the ruling and this is kind of a rhetorical question, but if police aren't there for public safety and protection... what exactly are they for aside from ticketing you and taking your money? When are they going to be too afraid to pull me over for speeding because any number of things could happen to them at that stop?

All of these faggot cops have "protect and serve" emblazoned on their uniforms, squad cars and social media accounts, but the only people they are protecting and serving are the elite and the state.

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That's fair. I guess, my solution wasn't meant to be a fix-all. There are many other aspects that need addressed as well. We have a rampant mental health crisis in this Country (as well as others) that no one really wants to talk about. We glorify many mental illnesses and even put some up on pedestals.

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I graduated highschool in 2008 and we had the autolock doors with ID access. I was part of the compsci track/club and we programmed the IDs and it was very simple to set up. My school was in a very redneck area in PA, in a County that has the 2nd (maybe 3rd or 4th, I can't recall specifically) gun ownership per capita, no ghettos or anything like that, but we still had this protection. No excuse why other schools couldn't have it, especially with the tax payer money that goes to many of these schools.

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I don't mean to be one of those people that say "ItS cUrReNt yEaR!1!", but it's 2022... why do we not have auto-locking doors at schools? They are fairly inexpensive and would require someone with an ID to unlock. Makes no sense that these places are left wide open. Even if the children had been outside, there should be proper precautions like walls, gates, etc in place. We defend every single other public place and institution aside from public schools. Ridiculous.

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What the fuck is a "xtian"...

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KAC was one of his fiercest defenders. The payday must be fairly massive for her to come out and position herself against Trump.

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lol as opposed to the 50+ crowd that rule over us as tyrants and infest every single branch of government and almost all of our institutions. Yeah, okay... young people care more about money. What a dumb-fuck take.

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Some local stores in my area do this and offer free delivery over a certain amount. I take full advantage of it. Normally have to order and schedule at least a week ahead, but I'm all in. I always hated going to the store and having to deal with droves and droves of zombie retards, so this all works out for me. Plus, it keeps me from impulse buying. Win-win.

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lol these same faggots were the first people who wanted everything cancelled and shut down because of COVID, but heavens forbid they stop fucking each other in the ass.

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Has anyone ever read the creepypasta about the Russian scientists conducting an experiment on people in a deprivation chamber and these people slowly go insane, start mumbling to themselves and then kill each other after becoming possessed with an unknown entity? This is the one that escaped.

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There is normally only one person in the relationship who is cool with/wants it to be "poly". My guess is that it is her and she's the one cheating and calling it a "poly" relationship to justify the fact that shes a fucking slut that belongs to the streets.

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That's a really long winded and wordy way of saying "I don't know what I'm talking about and I'm retarded".

You've made a fool of yourself. Take your ball and go back to Mom's basement.

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When the speeches revolve around white genocide and theft, this is the kind of body language you expect.

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Quit sperging out, retard. You can search the fucking names and read the articles/obits. I said I can't confirm the second half about viewing/investigating the laptop, but the officers most definitely killed themselves.

Robert Echeverria

Johnny Rios

Terrence McAvoy

Kevin Preiss

Michael J Caddy

Joseph Calabrese

Steven Silks

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I can confirm that all of those police officers have committed suicide. All in 2019 on top of that. I can't confirm, however, that they all had viewed Weiner's laptop or were part of the investigation.

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I honestly haven't seen a single thing with him in it outside of Stella or a random appearance in something else that wasn't even notable.

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Sure is. Owned by News Corp. which is owned by Murdoch.

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One look at those board members is all I needed.

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Yep. The faces you are shown are very rarely the ones who are actually running the show.

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Constantly jump straight to "anti-semitism" any time they face any sort of criticism. MIB is a comedian, so he should understand the comedic irony of a German-Jew calling for genocide of another race. Drowning in his own fucked up, leftist politics.

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