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Courts have already ruled police have no duty to protect.

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China is fighting on all signs to keep their economy from tanking. Which is why they’ll invade taiwan so the whole world will be beholden to them for microchips.

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I don’t normally poop in the kitchen, but when I do, I choose a bowl and tell my wife it’s and avocado.

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I couldnt bring myself to vote for mittens. First time I voted and left a presidential box unchecked. I did however hold my nose and vote for McCain over Obama, I apologize for that.

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Kemp is based? He may have been better than turdue but based?

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Loeffler didn’t want to win either. Now she has plenty of time to admire the portrait of Mao in her house.

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Their son that got their tits cut off and put on testosterone.

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I get dominance is a thing, but who wants the ugly kid that smells like cheese?

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Well that’s a new one on me.

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Wow she’s like Jewish uncle ruckus lmao

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The hot ones I knew got accidentally pregnant doing extracurricular activities.

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Yup. I struggled reading insomnia, which was like a love letter to abortion. I got about 2/3rds of the way through and I couldnt finish it.

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