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Or we could be building colony ships and mining asteroids. Unless they know that space is fake and gay.

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And how many of those seats won even needed his endorsement? Meanwhile all the others that were hotly contested have lost or are about to (Lake, Walker, etc).

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And a fag, like so many in the tribe. By the way, our posts are marked for future deletion.

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But what does muh Tucker have to say about all this? We gotsta reach muh normies!

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Dihydrogren monoxide infused with sodium chloride. The horror!

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My parents took it and they are kicking. However they fortunately saw the light and refuse boosters.

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Dont blame you. Entirely unnecessary at best.

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Typically 2-8 days. You may just have an aggressive immune system if you felt that sick for that long.

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It’s already here, spreading like cancer.

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He thought we were a soft target. Like lil benji, he thought he was smart because he was used to arguing with only tards. Like a grown man fighting kindergartners thinking he can be pro mma.

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And who runs the banks?

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He tried to grift money on thedonald back in the day, he got called out on it, and we had him figured out back then. Unsurprised many here don’t realize as they weren’t around back then.

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