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~60-65% of people in Kansas City vote Democrat.

This is a major win for the future of conservatism. They will be aborting their kids in blue states and sterilizing themselves in red states.

Remember, if you're conservative, you have a duty to God, your family, and your nation to have kids (responsibly).

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Republicans and Independents have never before said they aren't proud.

Congratulations, Biden. You destroyed this country.

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Uh, if they rule the legislatures have final say, I want Biden immediately thrown out since he only won because the courts and executives made up election rules.

Republican governors should do as much as possible RIGHT NOW to disenfranchise Democrats.

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What is he supposed to do? You arrest illegal immigrants and - then what? You can't transfer them across the border. The feds will throw him in prison if he tries.

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DeSantis's strategy is to push the most milquetoast conservative policy possible and watch the left go absolutely insane. Notice how Disney was one of the only companies that went after the Parental Rights in Education Bill? Yeah that's because 95% of sane people don't find it objectionable to keep anal sex out of k-4.

It's just showing the Democrats are lost. They're not even Americans anymore. Over 70% of Floridians agree with this bill.

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If significant portions of the East Coast are starting to be submerged, I'm fairly certain CONGRESS and the STATES will pass bills.

It's not the job of the judicial branch to be applying laws because they think we're too stupid.

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Georgia is one of the most compromised states, though. Kemp and the Fat Star Trek President have ripped it apart.

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Another year of "Remain in Mexico" is their "worst" case scenario (and our best case). It will probably end around winter time. These immigration cases are being adjudicated in 3-6 months.

That gives us another 3-12 months to determine another recourse.

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This isn't a win.

It's a tie. This is a return to normality.

A win is removing anyone who defended this policy and replacing them with conservatives.

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Cartels don't give a damn about illegals once they cross the border. In a town 2 hours south of mine a bunch of illegals drowned.

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185,000 people per month.

We are being invaded and gutted. If even 1% of illegals are voting, that swings the country for Democrats.

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Notice that the media and major institutions never gave Trump a chance from the onset of his presidency. The left never gives conservatives a chance (even if they're highly cucked), but mainstream Republicans always try to do the opposite.

We need to stop being so nice.

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I think the actual reason was that the creators got tired of the anti-Trump "jokes." They put out a remark that they were sick of media obsessing over the president.

I really don't think Parker and Stone like JOE BIDEN, lol.

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He doesn't have to come right out and say he's not running. He could just drop hints that imply he's not running.

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These people just want to get shot, don't they?

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Then the state GOP needs to start cheating. And if they try to go after the GOP, point fingers at the Democrats. We have a far more reasonable SCOTUS.

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We need voter ID in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, etc.

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Holy shit this guy is broken. He's using his dead father's corpse for likes.

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GDQ is insanely woke lol. They said they don't allow politics - and then they spout off pro-BLM and trans BS. A lot of speedrunners have just stopped attending these events.

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