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The feds are definitely monitoring this place. It probably pisses them off that we don't care lol. Fuck the FBI.

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I support unions closing down the economy right before the midterms.

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If someone is stupid enough to compete athletically in 105 degrees with a mask on - well, Darwin Awards exist for a reason...

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Hasn't this woman been caught lying dozens of times?

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Just ignore them and downvote where possible.

The National SOCIALISTS have a bunch of fake accounts.

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Not good enough.

We need lawful public executions. Garland needs to be treated like the traitor he is. Have him dragged into a courtroom. Give him a trial (in a red state just like they force conservatives into DC) - and then sentence him to death for his treason. Televise it like we televised the execution of Saddam. Let every Democrat know in their hearts this is the fate they deserve for their corruption, for what they've done to this country.

The law is clear. Garland violated the oath of his office. He needs to be legally and lawfully executed with a jury of his peers passing the judgement. No mobs. No unlawful violence. A lawful execution.

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The FBI leadership needs to be in prison - possibly sentenced to death (by a jury of Americans) for their treason. They broke a 200+ year tradition by stealing an election.

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His address is easily verifiable with a Google search but the cucked mods don't let us post it, FYI.

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Yep. And federal trials can suppress information.

This is pure evil.

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It's called a kilt.

And this is just a PR stunt. Who cares? Celebrities have done this dumb shit for 50+ years.

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You can report online personalities to the IRS fairly easily. A lot of these women (and sometimes men) are dumb enough to brag online about their earnings.

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So far he got my state correct. Good job, Brainiac. LMFAO. Some STELLAR research considering I've admitted which state I vote in.

These people are fucking morons.

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By the way, I never made threats to execute anyone.

I have always stated that leftists should be tried by a jury, and if found guilty, lawfully executed. That is not a threat. That is a promise for justice. Pedophiles and traitors get the death penalty. I'm sorry for this offends the cucked at Vice.

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Not good enough.

Red states need to declare the federal government null and void until Biden and Garland are in a prison cell. We outnumber them. We have more firearms. We have more access to food, transportation, energy and water.

Stop playing lawfare. It's time to just shut these evil people out of our civic lives. They are not Americans. These far left lunatics aren't even people.

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Point out Mohommad was a slave-owner.

Put up pro-BLM posters calling for Mosques to be torn down because of Mohmmad's slavery. It's really funny watching the 2 groups fight.

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Stop complaining.

Start making plans for how you will destroy leftists. Fire any Democrats you employ. Release the personal addresses of leftists on 4Chan.

These leftists need to be crushed for the evil and degeneracy they've wrought.

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No, the media wants you to be too scared to act in any way remotely effectively.

Making the Deep State and left feel miserable. Make their lives miserable. Make their kids' lives miserable.

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Don't buy into this.

Nobody snitched.

Barnes went over this.

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