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I’m literally here to undermine this type of post. I weed them out purposely. How does that equate to being triggered?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than exposing simple minds who think they know something and come here to spread it.

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I’m not down with the cops, but this pic could be anything we want it to be.

Like: Cop stops known, violent felon with warrants and doesn’t let woke policies put his life in danger.

See? Easy peasy.

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You’re living in an alternate reality if you believe this.

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Appealing taxes is a lost cause. Assessments are lower than an appeal because they look more closely at the property.

In nearly every single case your assessment will actually go up because the city wasn’t aware of improvements made over the years. They go off comparable properties that have sold recently or time adjusted increases at 2% a year.

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Omg, you’re retarded.

Not a single one of those studies in that compilation I’ve seen a million times, posted by morons like you, even has 1000 people in it and none have equal sized control groups and furthermore many had multiple drugs tested simultaneously.

Do you even read the shit you link? Maybe you simply don’t understand what you’re reading?

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They should be forced to stay and be part of the shit they supported.

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It’s a civil war starter and he won’t do it. He will say that deportation would be on the top of his list, but that’s as far as the dream goes.

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Prophylactic is even more ridiculous, but I’m not conflating treatment with cure.

I’m pointing out that they are wholly separate and any claims of treatments being effective are based on test tube studies.


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I wouldn’t want her to be tainted by the stinky halls of Congress.

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They could stop the theft. It appears the profit margins are actually huge or they’d not let it walk out the door.

The settlements and insurance premiums going sky high when one of the employees dies trying to stop the theft of an item that has a value of $2 bucks is what they’re avoiding.

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The cdc can fuck itself.

That doesn’t mean I should overlook the data. Nothing cures corona. Some shit helps with symptoms. That’s it.

You don’t need anything and neither do 99.9% of people who get the stinking cold.

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That’s right. They changed the definition in some forums to even pretend it ever was.

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HCQ could be a treatment for any cold. It does have the properties to help with secondary and tertiary infections.

What it does not have is the ability to stop viral replication of corona any quicker than a couple days and only in a test tube. It has not been shown to work in people for this specifically.

As for honest information, I tend to agree that it’s more difficult to attain because so many on both sides have a reason to sway results. That said, this is still a treatment only. Not a cure, but a treatment.

And here’s the real deal on the issue. Coronavirus has a survival rate of 99.9%,,, if not more. You need to test thousands and thousands of people, with equal sized control and test groups, no other drugs tested simultaneously and at least 20% at-risk individuals if you want reliable results. The tests that have been done with those parameters have shown IVM and HCQ to be statistically insignificant in treating coronavirus. That’s it. There’s no need to keep testing.

Please don’t think I’m saying these things to protect the shots. They’re just as worthless and possibly harmful to your health all the way up to and including death. I’m just making the point that treatments are not cures and the best way to fight corona is by living a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition so you can better fight off the virus if you get it.

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Even before covid and this last influx of filth we had a serious problem with illegals killing people on the highways and roads.

It seemed like every other Mexican had a brand new ford F150 too. Those trucks were like 50K and somehow these illegals were getting them.

Now it’s the cheapest, broke down, pieces of shit that should be in the junkyard being driven by totally authentic Mexicans and Venezuelans with no respect nor knowledge of traffic laws.

We’re totally fucked here in Denver metro. It’s a quiet, giant cesspool of corruption that is harboring and trafficking the worst people on the planet right up and down the front range.

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Not exactly and the w4 has been changed. I’m in your camp though.

I too think the right way to protest is by not funding the government and working less is the best way to minimize how much goes into the coffers. For most people that would be the only realistic way to pull back.

If you can live off cash and trade do it, but if you can’t there is still merit in reducing income by working less.

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Doesn’t have that on the other picture.

Why are you here? There’s gotta be a better place for you than a trump forum.

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