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If that's true about Tarrant County, then that MF Cheated!!!

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It has been quite the week. Makes me want President Trump back even more.

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I love President Trump. We need to pray for him. God blessed us with such a wonderful President. He is our rightful President. In the end God Always wins. Evil will try over and over to take down and destroy God's plan. In all reality evil is scared because they know they will Lose.

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There was an article in the Epoch Times that Polio is on the rise recently. I don't doubt for a minute that all of this is intentional.

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God blessed The United States of America with President Donald J. Trump. He is the Only President to fight for Life, the precious Life of defenseless, innocent little babies. There is no need for fear. Our enemies are scared. I pray he will have the chance to lead our country to Greatness again. God Wins in the end. Period.

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It still doesn't change the FACT. She is a Saint. Opinions on what people think of The Church is based on the sins of people. The Church doesn't lose its credibility because it's not based on people. It's based on Jesus Christ. Satan wants to tear The Church down. He will Never succeed.

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I was happy that she was able to fight it as long as she did. Just like Alex Tribeck (sp?) It eventually gets too hard to fight. It's beyond words what it does to you. I never thought I'd look forward to anything ever again. Thank God that He blessed us with an Amazing Daughter.

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How is global control implemented through 5G? Are we supposed to avoid that technology that is being offered in new cell phones?

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That is crazy. Our system is so broken. It's the fault of the people that let her keep driving. They should get sued. No amount of money will change or make up for this horrific, senseless act.

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