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I keep forgetting he already announced. Why is Lindsey there?

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Back in the old days people would have taken this as a sign that corruption was about to be exposed and rooted out for real, but now all this news is just more demoralizing because we know nothing will come of it.

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No shit lol. At least it signals a shift in the way the party is presenting itself.

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White women are beautiful but obesity makes anyone age horribly. Almost all Americans are overweight past the age of 30 and that shows.

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What's the alternative when you allow women in the military?

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This isn't about abortion, it's about the aftermath of a failed abortion, where a viable life is already outside of the womb.

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Inflation is bad because it hurts everyone but White people?

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To be fair that ad was just straight up retarded. I still don't know the point of it.

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Everything gets worse as it gets more popular.

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Young people will always blame the old and old people will always blame the young. Truth it it's a very small percent of each generation setting the trends that most people succumb to.

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Young people always think they know everything, boomers were like that too. This has been a cultural issue in the West for at least a few generations.

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He made a promise to other politicians though. It's one thing to lie to the people, but a politician is screwed if his own associates don't trust him to follow through. Especially a House Speaker. Look at how damaging it's been for him to lose the support of just 20 members of his caucus.

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McCarthy should by no means be the Speaker after everything he's done.

That said, the promises he made will effectively cripple his power in Congress. He ceded basically all of the leverage Nancy Peloci gained for the speakership by haggling with the squad back in 2018. Now he can be fired at any time by a single member of congress, and the 20 who voted against him have disproportionate influence in the House.

McCarthy is starting out with very little political power. He barely got enough votes after 15 rounds and he's lost a lot of respect even among people who voted for him. He has to walk on egg shells.

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The Speakership has been neutered significantly (if promises are followed through)

One topic per bill will reduce the amount of legislation they can pass over the next two years.

People openly hostile to McCarthy have gained important assignments.

McCarthy is constantly at risk of having to go through another re-nomination process if one member votes to abort his speakership.

He shouldn't be speaker at all, but if these conditions are followed through, I would consider it the worst victory possible for McCarthy.

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Trump should try to imagine being us for a second. People have died to keep Trump in office and he has been nothing but selfish and incompetent in return. Sucks to say. Imagine rotting in jail for two years because the president you ruined your life to protect was worried about the "optics" of pardoning you.

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I'm beyond "good legislation" at this point. How about no legislation.

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Seriously Trump can't expect us to treat him the way democrats treat George Floyd. Personal accountability. I don't care what "systemic issues" Trump is facing, he needs to stop killing his own legacy.

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Lot's of sell outs

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