We are producing some Vaccine Syringe Pens with a custom words, here are some samples of suggestions, please vote for one below or submit your own suggestion:

"Official Vaccine Needle Pen"

"Got My Vaccine Needle Pen For All of US"

"Show Awareness - Covid Needle Experiment 2021"

"Proof of potentially deadly experimental substance"

“The Threat to our democracy.”

Mandated Human Experimentation

No to experimental JAB for a virus of 99% survival rate

“my body, my choice,” right?

Vaccine Passport to SLAVERY

“mark of the beast”

A Jab of Anti-Freedom

a JAB, a JOKE, just for you

Proof of human Vaccination

I survived the Jab Mandate!

Proof I survived the Covid-19 Vaccine

I Identify as fully vaccinated

Biologically not, but today I identify as being fully vaccinated

"I identify as fully vaccinated”


They are being manipulated into disbelieving reality.

Young girls who object to male students in their bathrooms or locker rooms are being told they are the wrong ones.

They are the ones who don’t fit in.

Boys are being taught it’s perfectly normal for men to become pregnant or menstruate.

The phrase “breastfeeding” is being replaced everywhere with “chestfeeding” -- because “men can nurse too.”

Girls are being driven out of student athletics by biologically male athletes who’d rather dominate easier opponents than lose to their own gender.

Children of 5 years or younger are being exposed to sexual predators in “Drag Queen Story Hours” hosted in public libraries -- events designed to desensitize these children to the sexually perverse and "gender fluid."

This is all part of Gender Corruption Theory.
HELP STOP #GCT today! No MORE GENDER CORRUPTION THEORY IN OUR SCHOOLS: https://traditionalvalues.us/strans-schools-S.aspx?pid=patriot


Defend Real Marriage!

To: My Governor, State Senator and Representative or Delegate

Whereas: The traditional family unit is the underpinning of Western society.

Whereas: The radical Left is pushing to remove "husband" and "wife" from our vocabulary forever.

Whereas: Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) has been pushing the "Erase Real Marriage Act" to accomplish this goal.

Whereas: Congress has the power to stop the "Erase Real Marriage Act" and save the institution of marriage.

Therefore: I urge you to stand up for the traditional family unit and oppose all efforts to eliminate the terms "husband" and "wife."

SIGNED, https://www.traditionalvalues.us/DRM-2021-S.aspx?pid=patriot

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