William and Zachary Zulock are names I doubt you’ve heard.

That’s because the Mainstream Media is steadfastly trying to ignore that these two men ever existed.

Let alone, talk about the heinous crimes they have committed.

The Zulocks were darlings of the Homosexual Lobby.

Their photos were featured on the prominent Homosexual Agenda publication Out Magazine.

They were incredibly active in the “LGBTQ Community.”

And for three years, they were doing unspeakable things to the two boys they adopted.

I have to warn you, that the rest of this email is going to include graphic depictions of child sexual abuse.

The Zulock men have been arrested and indicted by grand jury on charges of aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, felony sexual exploitation of children, incest, and felony prostitution of a minor.

While they have pleaded not guilty, they have also admitted to key elements of these charges.

Townhall.com is leading the effort into uncovering the entire story of the Zulocks and it is both disgusting and mind-boggling.

From Townhall.com:

The adoptive fathers of two are now facing a laundry list of charges for unspeakable sex crimes they allegedly committed against their young adopted sons, including rape, producing child pornography of the children's ‘routine’ sexual abuse, and prostituting their 11-year-old boy to pedophiles in the area.

For a period of roughly three years, these so-called “fathers” did every horrible thing you can imagine to the young boys.

They made films and took pictures of these acts.

They sold their “sons” bodies to other homosexuals.

This includes the possibility that they took the boys on a “tour” of the country to sell these services to other predators.

And they forced the boys to perform countless sexual acts with the men they called father.

Some of these acts even leading to serious injuries.

But these two young brothers should never have been placed in the Zulock’s custody in the first place.

In 2011, Zachary Zulock was accused of luring a young boy to his home and sodomizing him.

Yet these charges were never properly investigated and eventually were dropped.

Nor were these charges reviewed when the Zulocks applied to adopt.

Clearly a proper background check was not performed on Zulocks.

In fact, the adoption agency appears to have made their adoption a high priority as their application was fast tracked through the process.

And the mystery doesn’t end there.

Despite both men working mediocre jobs, they were somehow able to build a mansion in the middle of the COVID disruption of 2020 – a mansion that was completed in an unusually fast time.

This mansion was built in an affluent neighborhood were home frequently sale for nearly a million dollars.

Court filings regarding their trial have revealed that somehow their weekly income was $7,500!

Yet no one seems to know how.

Where was all this money coming from? Why were they shown so much favor during the adoption process?

Well some of their income certainly came from the sexual exploitation of their children.

But there are still a lot of serious questions that need to be answered.

Public Advocate has steadfastly opposed any adoption by homosexuals.

Not only does this provide cover for pedophiles to get their hands on vulnerable children that they can then exploit.

But at best, it puts children into an environment that brainwashes them into accepting the homosexual lifestyle as normal.

And it does not provide children with the incredibly beneficial presence of both a mother and father in the home.

The fact is that the homosexual lifestyle is morally bankrupt – it’s not just a matter of preference.

Any one living such a lifestyle is unfit to adopt a child.

This is why the Mainstream Media has largely ignored this story so far.

They are desperate to maintain the illusion that homosexual adoption in America is a good thing.

For the Family, Eugene Delgaudio HON. EUGENE DELGAUDIO President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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A predatory school board member in Arizona is exploiting the "transgender" loophole to violate women.

Paul Bixler is an elderly man who has decided to grow his hair out and start dressing in his dead wife's clothes.

He is currently on the Liberty Elementary School District board, in Phoenix, AZ and insisting that parents in the district call him a woman.

But the worst of it is, that he was just caught watching women undress at a local gym.

Lindsey Graham -- known on social media as Patriot Barbie -- turned around in the locker room of her gym, only to realize that Bixler was staring at her.

She was undressed from the waist up, and she was violated by this predator.

But when she called the police, they did nothing.

They didn't even prevent Bixler from going back into the locker rooms -- despite the possibility that there might be more women back there.

Lindsey Graham came to national attention when she challenged the school board over "transgender" policies.

She dressed up in a cat costume, and declared to the board that she was in fact, not a human woman but a cat.

She dared any of the board members to actually endorse the fiction that she was a cat.

It was satire of course; in the last couple months she's become a strong voice against the gender insanity.

She has even helped Public Advocate -- giving our Protect Children's Innocence Petition her full endorsement.

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies will always shift the focus of any debate to how the "transgender" person feels.

"They need to feel accepted!"

But the Radical Left refuses to consider how the young girls and women feel who are violated by these men.

It is a violation of woman's right to privacy to force her to undress in front of a man, or to allow a man to undress in front of her.

In most cases, this would be categorized as criminal sexual assault.

But not when "transgender" is involved.

Paul Bixler needs to be removed from the Liberty District School Board.

And he needs to be charged criminally for using the "transgender" loophole to violate the privacy of women.

For the Family, Eugene Delgaudio HON. EUGENE DELGAUDIO President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Click here to watch the video of Lindsey Graham as the Cat Lady and her endorsement of Public Advocate.


“You are putting the moral health and safety of students at risk.”

These words rocked a school board meeting in Caldwell, Idaho – a city not far from Boise.

State Senator Chris Trakel took the podium during the public comment phase of the meeting in emulation of our own Senator Dick Black.

Sen. Trakel was there to challenge a radical school board and their plans to implement “transgender” bathrooms in Caldwell schools.

Sen. Trakel rightly pointed out that Idaho state law requires them to protect the “moral health and safety of students” – and that “transgender” bathrooms would directly put these at risk.

The first term state senator was not alone in his sentiment.

From the video available – which I’ll share with you in just a moment – the room was packed with outraged parents there to oppose the new proposed policy.

Reports are that the overwhelming number of speakers that night were against the policy.

So much so, that the radical school board had been threatening parents repeatedly throughout the night.

Several times, the board threatened to prematurely end the meeting.

They also declared a new – and illegal – rule that speakers could not criticize any public employees in their comments.

The state senator opened his remarks by informing them that the power to criticize anyone employed by our government was a right protected by the First Amendment and upheld by court ruling.

The Homosexual Lobby managed to produce a few students to speak in support of the “transgender” policy.

They are always able to find a couple just about anywhere, to “emotionally plea” for the school board to adopt some radical policy.

But children are easily confused, nor are they mature enough to understand all the implications.

The authority of parents to protect their own children is vastly more important.

Never mind that any time a child speaks up against these mixed bathroom policies, the Radical Left ignores them.

Just like the young lady who spoke up in Loudoun County, barely able to form words as she sobbed over her fear and disgust at being forced to undress in front of teenage boys.

Public Advocate worked closely with her and her mom – but the Mainstream Media never cared about her story at all.

The Idaho school board meeting came to a familiar crashing halt, as you can see in the video.

Sen. Trakel refused to allow the chairman of the board to interrupt or censor his comments.

So while in the middle of his lawfully protected comment period, the board chairman suddenly declared a 15 minute recess!

The crowd of parents booed vigorously.

And then, once “officially in recess,” another board member moved to end the meeting!

Sen. Trakel refused to yield the podium until they had his microphone cut off.

This is the same treatment that Sen. Dick Black received in Virginia in June, 2021.

And when parents refused to disperse – just like in Loudoun County, VA – the police were sent in to run them out.

Sadly, there was no “Jon Tigges” there to rally the parents to continue the meeting.

But these furious parents continued to shout their disgust with the school board as they slowly made their way out.

Idaho has become the front-lines in the war to protect our school children.

Despite its historically conservative culture, it is now home to many radicals who have moved there from West Coast Liberal enclaves.

These invaders are trying to force the Homosexual Agenda on to local Idahoans – but the locals aren’t having it!

Parents are rising up and fighting back across the state – and across the country.

This school board meeting is just one of hundreds that have occurred recently.

Following the example that Public Advocate has set, parents are speaking out against the filth that is being brought into their schools and force-fed to their students.

The Caldwell School Board should be careful – the Loudoun County School Board just lost a court case to Public Advocate over their nearly identical behavior.

You can watch the whole video by clicking here.

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