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Zelensky is trying to protect the sovereignty of his country. Fuck you you PutinFag. Anyone who makes a hero of a KGB assassin is a fucking moron.

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And bonus kudos to those Ukrainian farmers who hauled away the tanks of those scumbag Russian invaders.

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The rest of your sentence is that you are rootin’ for Putin to stick it up your ass, PutinFag. Only douchebags and losers worship a former kgb agent.

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Your attempt at a sentence takes on the structure of a double negative.

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You wound like the supporters of Hitler. You are mentally ill.

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Wow good one. I’m floored by your cutting reply. Pretty impressive for an ignoramus PutinFag.

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I support the funding, I encourage Congress to eliminate bullshit agencies' funding to pay for it, and I support a thorough accounting of the funding to monitor how our tax dollars are spent.

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The biggest threat to this site are all the Putin fags.

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A Putin fag who is anti fur? Save the minks! Fucking dufus.

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Russia should get the fuck back inside its own borders. If it doesn't learn a lesson, Russia will continue its policy of aggrandizment. Let it Bleed.

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Fuck Russia, and fuck Putin that bloated head piece of shitm and fuck every cuck asshole who likes this former KGB scumbag.

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At its all time high in 2008, the ruble was worth about 4.3 cents. Today it is worth about a penny.

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Иди нахуй пиздец.

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