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The kind of indictments our founding fathers put forth for these criminals involved use of the second amendment

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He got shat on massively as a large wave of china virus swept through and resulted in lots of deaths. Since then he has been rather low key

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You know.. the way everything is unfolding. I wont be surprised one bit if everything we know about him gets memory holed and he gets put onto the Senate. They memory holed Swalwell's shit pretty good already

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This bullshit is just a psy op to get FB to censor conservatives, even more than what they have been doing.. by blaming cuckbook for "not doing enough"

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FBI isnt just deep state

FBI are treasonous occupiers. Terrorists working for the FBI need to be taken out one by one

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From what ive heard, its pretty much a big scam and the real estate agents are in on it. Whenever there is a home put up for sale in a good locality, the RE agents show prospective buyers around... and once they get an offer, they leak it to blackrock, who always big a big chunk more to put it out of reach of the small home owner. So buyers are fucked, the home goes to blackrock, who have now snapped up entire suburbs in prime districts. They control the housing market completely

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Yeah. They have taken our money, and sent it to fucking Chinese who are never going to return it.

Meanwhile here, they are buying up all the property they can, so that they can prevent normal guys from ever owning a home. They actually want to inflate the rentals so that people pay more

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Yeah, all these afghans are going to vote for dems and against you. Fucking fools

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Probably not in the present conditions. It is crashing now, but could recover the fastest

China banned crypto for a reason. The CCP commies didnt want the people there in China to have an escape route during this economic crisis the CCP is about to unleash

Chinese people have been growing more and more independent over the last few years - following western media, watching western news, western movies and many even western education.

No better way to remind them of their serfdom than unleashing a crippling economic crisis, and then bartering financial aid, sucking the soul out of their own citizens.

This is what CCP does

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Yeah. meanwhile democrats are calling for pedojoe to replace fed chair powell with someone who is "inclusive" and can help combat climate change. They really want the top economy job to go to someone based on their skin color, who is also an expert on climate change.. Ffs

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NEVER invest in anything Chinese. If the SEC had any brains and really cared about investor protection, it will delist every shady chinese company right fucking now.

I guess that will never happen...

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I assumed it wont spill over and it would be limited to China, and only Evergrande will fall

Today few other Chinese companies crashed, one fell 85%. I guess the fear alone will spook markets. SPY, Nasdaq all are down right now

Chinese insurance company Ping An is also crashing.

Another company crashed 85% today. https://twitter.com/Jkylebass/status/1439908927370633217

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They? You mean the 3 year old kid killed our military?

Why were “they” allowed to kill ours in the first place? ISIS suicide bombers just don’t get to kill US personnel randomly unless there is total negligence and failure of command and intelligence.

All signs point to this - it was allowed to happen. A terrorist groups also just doesn’t randomly fall into possession of 80bn worth US Military equipment

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It’s treason when an air strike hit is ordered on a family, and then billed to the media that muhhh dangerous terrorists have been killed

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This. Anyone who believes Trump gets the most number of republican votes ever in Presidential election history and still loses is full of fucking shit. Add most number of black votes to a republican as well. Fucking shit

The election was STOLEN. As simple as that.

At the same time, lets not delude ourselves, there are atleast 60m Americans who are ready to vote for and put a fucking moron like Biden into power. This is the real threat that the country faces.

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FBI agents inserting child porn into rita panahi’s laptop so they can bust her for tweeting this

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Yeah, Trump had ordered to recall all the troops and set a tentative deadline anyways, If PedoJoe followed that timeline, it’s the end of the road for all these companies and the billions they will get from the US being in perpetual war or running military intervention in alahusnackbar land.

Of course, they couldn’t allow that to happen.

So PedoJoe was instructed to recall the troops in a bizarre manner, creating a new powerful Taliban, ISIS K, Al Qaeda and whatever else that will come in ... letting the whole world see just how evul these heathens are, that the world and libtard US population will be begging for US to go back in again.

Joe literally told the troops to abandon their posts overnight, leaving all the equipment and ammo for the Taliban to use. There is no possible explanation as to why he would do this, except that he wanted this to happen.. BY DESIGN

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Bout tree fiddy more than what it was a minute ago

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