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This is happening by design. They are planning massive demographic changes while at the same time crushing jobs and livelihood for middle class Americans who have to deal with invaders eating into their share of the country's resources

No other country in the world will just allow half a million illegals to enter their borders. Meanwhile, USA is allowing it and we have to just believe the gov cant do anything about it? KEK

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Sounds like a good law to me

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What the bloody fuck is this even

Jeez man it really does feel like a post apocalyptic movie or sumtin

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You need f15 to take on the federal government

You need stolen elections and the swamp to take over the federal government

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Law enforcement... well Law enforcement is actually thinking of planting a false flag, so everyone forgets about this

Expect an imminent shooting incident in a mall

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16 booster later …….

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Swallow well is literally a Chinese spy and never quit lmao

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Amidst all the shitstorm on DOJ and Twatter files I totally missed this

Is there an article on this? Search doesnt show up anything new

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Try and execute every one of them involved in this scandal. They can choose between the electric chair and chopper ride

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NFTs are a scam as much as trading cards themselves are a scam. No one, absolutely no one who bought an original card from the Trump NFT website will ever make a loss. Cost price was $100, average price now is like $700.

People are fading collectibles by someone who had half the country turn out to vote for him. Peak low energy

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