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People need to start calling them what they are: Illegal Aliens.

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One of the funniest ones is all of these Leftist quasi-educators who get a Bachelor's or Master's degree and think they're hot shit despite having no other expertise, education, or experience.

Surprise: Teachers are suddenly having to come to terms with the fact that they're a general-purpose educator, and not an expert in anything other than "education" itself.

I've had teachers try and overrule doctors, lawyers, and PhD-tier subject matter experts (both for instructions givens, in-person interactions, and outright citations) because they "don't agree" based on "their experience."

They absolutely seethe when reminded that they answer to people who know more than them, who are more experienced than them, and who are more educated and accredited than them.

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Starbucks is the only place I have ever been to that has managed to fuck up black coffee multiple times.

I was given a gift card years ago, and decided to use it up on lunch breaks since there was a Starbucks a block away from my job.

Went there twice, and they somehow thought that "Large black coffee" meant 1) "black coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles" or 2) "Black coffee with caramel syrup"

Figured it was a fluke and decided to use the last bit of the card's value on one across town, where they thought that "Large black coffee" meant "A base layer of black coffee with some Holiday Peppermint Frappuccino mixed in"

Absolute trash company that can't even figure out basic coffee, let alone basic black coffee that's not roasted to shit.

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On average, "BIPOC" types come from cultures and areas that have huge issues with integration and function into "normal" society to the point that they're unable/unwilling to truly function in modern society, let alone the corporate world.

  • They have massive issues with authority, and tend to take any guidance or orders as a personal attack.

  • They have huge issues with timeliness, work ethic, and standards (language, dress, conduct, etc.).

  • They have an absolutely debilitating issue with being seemingly incapable of not viewing everything through a racial and/or "oppressor/oppressed" lens; Give them power, and they start acting impartially based along things like their perception of racial delineations instead of raw merit. This is also a heuristic that they cannot put aside, since they usually come from low-quality lower-class backgrounds with lower-intelligence and lower-achievement communities that commensurately function off of the braindead "everything is based on race" idiocy that low-class morons seem to gravitate towards and wallow in.

Most of them are grossly unqualified because they're either 1) Diversity-hire corporate tokens only there because of their genitalia and/or skin color, or 2) shoehorned through the system by dint of Affirmative Action that also functions on the same basis as point #1.

Meanwhile their Asian, Caucasian, and European counterparts completely skip all of this inane bullshit (apart from having to now tread on eggshells around their underqualified "BIPOC" peers) and just get work done.

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Or manage to do any significant work, for any significant period of time, in freezing temperatures.

Spoiler: Batteries do even worse when they're cold.

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I'm amazed that they managed to get every single thing completely wrong.

Someone who is merely incompetent would get at least some things right.

In being wrong at every turn, they've managed to reveal themselves to be intentionally-malicious hostile Anti-American agent(s) that they are.

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Let's call this head of the FBI "Goerland" from now on

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Already have.


Do you have a question, or are you just trolling?

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The can't even state that the recession is because of higher inflation (in large part), not causing "decreased" inflation.

These people are malevolent psychopaths who want you dead.

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Modern women:

  • Overwhelmingly raised in single-mother households, which lack discipline, authority, or proper guidance

  • Taught to hate men from a young age because they have no father figure and their mother keeps trying to pursue the unstable/incompetent "bad boy" types

  • Hopped up on behavior-modifying drugs from the same young age because they can't figure out what "normal" or "appropriate" is

  • Constant pursuit of feel-good selfish behaviors with no accountability or normalizing social pressure because that's "trying to control women"

  • On birth control and pursuing a large number of sexual partners since their teen years to chase the validation and social acceptance that they grew up without

  • A total lack of regard for anything other than in-group acceptance, to the point of militant social justice causes becoming a new pseudo-religion to replace the family, community, and social group(s) they grew up with out. \

Thanks again, single mothers!

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Also oblivious to what people able and willing to commit actual violence are truly like.

Hint: They don't posture in public, and they don't spit hot air onto social media.

They simply snap into extreme and overwhelming violence when they're pushed too far, and they're generally experienced/intelligent/prepared enough to do it when they're guaranteed to get away with it.

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Personal responsibility is an incomprehensibly foreign concept to these people.

When you are pregnant, you are responsible for your unborn child's life as well as your own.

Leftists (i.e. "liberals") are completely incapable of understanding Loyalty, Authority, or Sanctity (as moral matrix components), so they are incapable of understanding personal responsibility.

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You just repeated verbatim what another comment or said!

If putting together basic sentences is this hard for you then you're not cut out for the discussion.


OK, zoomer.

get your own material.

Already have it. In fact, it's in my comment already.

Your turn.

And sorbo is talking about man whores you dumbass.

Case in point, you're just an emotional idiot.

Bye, troll.

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The man makes the choice when it’s all said and done

Women are the gatekeepers of sexual access.

It is whollytheir choice every step of the way.

Is...understanding self control of [one's] body, and saying no a foreign concept...?

Apparently it is with women.

Men are the leaders.

...of commitment, not of sexual access.

This is something you'd already know if you understood anything about relationship dynamics.

Not women. Stop being a child.

More emotional diarrhea.

Calm down and you can come back to the discussion.

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Ah, yes, something that's not a horse in form or function.

What's your point?

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There is not one single education metric that has been improved since the Department of Education's inception.

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"It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy."

  • George Orwell, 1984
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You can literally see how spaced-out and fucked up he is in this picture.

His left eye and right eye are focused on separate things in separate directions. His attempt at a smile winds up being an asymmetric mess due to drug-induced partial facial paralysis.

He's a mess.

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