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Everything is related to geopolitics.

US is trying to move manufacturing to South America from China.

Banks and Companies don't want to make massive investments unless cartels r done.

Thus Mexico and US govt r looking for a reason to eliminate cartels.

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It's hard to fight biology. Chinese men have on avg lower testosterone count than American men.

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That's the federal govt. This article is abt state govt.

Cali as a state doesn't have these kind of funds.

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California is in a deficit, and all its tax revenue has either left the state or is leaving.

They r broke AF.

And they can't find a way to tax people more.

There is no $ for their projects anymore.

Like u said..it will never pass because there is no $ for it

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Yes, and extraction of metal in making of internal combustion engine and recycling that engine takes a lot of resources too.

But considering the roi on drilling oil in US, Get 2 barrels for 1 barrel of energy put in, batteries are way more efficient than gasoline. Especially my setup where my solar roof charges my EV.

I leased solar roof for $43/month. I have never paid an electricity bill and I blast my ac. On a day when it is not so hot, I charge my car (and turn the AC down). I charge lasts me a week. (Travel abt 30miles/day)

So, in short, I pay $43/month for electricity and gas (EV). So, it is amazing on the wallet.

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Isn't mining for lithium and extracting it one time event. Once the battery is built my solar roof can charge that battery hundreds of thousands of times.

Meanwhile, if I have to pump gas hundreds of thousands of times, everytime that oil has to be drilled out of the ground.

So it is a one time drilling vs regular drilling.

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Polling and 2022 election results say otherwise.

As I mentioned 60% of Suburbun white women between 18-50 voted D. And when polled their top reason was abortion rights.

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60+% of Suburbon white women between age of 18-50 voted D.

Polling suggest the #1 reason for women in this age group was abortion rights.

Rep will lose every election unless they ease up on the abortion stuff.

Have stuff like DeSantis in Fl, and have it limited to 16 weeks.

And not like TX where one bans abortions.

If Dems had a better candidate than Beto they would have won TX because of this one policy.

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Take it easy with the Abortion crap. That's the reason we lost the 2022 red wave.

The pro abortion crowd is atleast 100x of the pro life crowd.

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How stupid r people?? Saraswsti (her last name) is a Hindu godess. And she claims to be a Muslim with a Hindu godess last name??

And people believes her... What clown world.

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Or it is simple show-off power by Biden after being cucked by the Chinese Ballon. (Shooting Random shit in the sky down).

Not everything has to be a conspiracy theory.

Some shit is just so Damm obvious.

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Now we r sticking Chinese studies?? Come on man....

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Disagree here. Black people r very very pro unions. It is more related to ESG and investment from retirement accounts

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Conservatives stance on Abortion destroyed their chances for a 2022 midterm landslide.

Learn from previous mistakes...

by Moebius
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Being an Indian immigrant. Pure MAGA.

Been sicne 2015 the r/the_donald days i.e OG MAGA.

And going through this thread.

Wow...seems like this website has become way too toxic for me.

I m gonna take off, and have my family and me reevaluate our political inclinations.

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Make sure you all vote on this. We need Elon as the "head".

Everyone else is corruptible

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Mods: This needs a sticky ASAP

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Just To be clear Trump appointed both of them.

I.e Wray and Barr.

Trump is terrible at appointments. Absolutely atrocious.

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82nd Airborne was sent there monts back.

The plan to take Russia over.

West needs cheap energy and Russian resources.

US "needs" to spread "democracy" there.

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I know I am gonna sound like a dick here, but spending about $50/month for no electricity cost, and no gas cost ( mind u my commute is about 20 miles/day to the gym) makes all the difference for me.

It's a rental solar panel, and if the company has to trash it after 20 yrs, that's their headache not mine.

I get cheap AF energy

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