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Get ready for the bombathons and sharia law.

I for one am stocking up on bacon and all pork products ...

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It's another one of their disgusting "open secrets." Just don't say it out loud or you'll get suicided like Joan Rivers.

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Of course. Xiden will cure the 'rona when they start fixing the test results, and the TDS will continue when the rest of the nation goes to crap.

Qbaby 10 points ago +14 / -4

I keep saying this, but it's almost time for Jesus to come down and start setting things straight.

Demons walk the earth and He needs to deputize some of us to take them down. Us mere mortals don't have the power - Trump came close, though.

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You go that right. Along with promoting perversion and the Big Mike transgeder movement.

It's Soetero 2.0 on steroids.

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Surprise, surprise.

Next we'll have sleeper cells here awaken and along with domestic terrorists like burn loot murder and pantifa, we'll hae the rebirth of isis and alqueda.

They've got to fill the "news" with something now that orange satan is gone (for now).

Qbaby 5 points ago +7 / -2

Pfffffffttt. I'll wait to see things with my own eyes. Holding the line here after educating myself on what's happening.

What warrior tells the enemy his true plans? Good grief, people.

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Exactly. I'm sure they'll block off the tunnel network as soon as the rats scurry into their rat holes. Each traitor deserves exactly what is coming to them, either on this earth or afterward.

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That inside nastiness has a way of creeping out. Notice how haggard all of them look?

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To me that is too nice a name. How about a seething evil demon who worships Satan and all that is unholy?

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I remain an attack helicopter. That is all.

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Trump has done more for us than any president. Energy independence! Jobs! Defeating ISIS! The wall! No new wars! VA accountability! The list goes on and on.

The swamp is run by a force greater than any one man can slay. He fought with all his might and the fight is not over. We are with you GEOTUS! We love you and we love our country. This battle is not over!

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Love my guns and my freedom of speech too. No way we ever surrender either one.

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Who says the inauguration has to be on the 20th? He knows what he is doing and like any good warrior is not disclosing his strategy to the enemy. We will see with our own eyes what unfolds - no advance notice will be given. I am struggling to maintain faith, but refuse to accept the alternative of our nations collapse.

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It always has been. Power over the people. Power above all else. They've made their deals with the devil and are beholden to the darkness. Trump knows this and they fear him exposing it all. Pray for him. Pray for everyone to be safe during this time.

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If this happens, and if's a big IF, they will CGI him as well. The whole thing will be a deepstate deepfake. Probalby producing it as we speak just in case they manage to finish their illegal, immoral and unforgivable takeover.

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I hope Trump rebukes every one of these traitors who turned their back on him. What has he done except represent US?

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Why would any of us know the inner workings of Trump and his team? If you support him, you trust him. Waiting sucks but no way we will know before we are supposed to.

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