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Nice start for Youngkin. Voted for him, but I've been a bit suspicious of his true intentions. Thought he came across as being a too contrived. Seemed like he may have just been after Trump's massive voter base. We'll see how he does. I'm not jumping fully on board just yet.

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I get the message, but a condom won't actually prevent you from contracting herpes or HPV.

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We're not allowed to talk about this because it might inspire others to commit acts of hate against Lord Fauci. Only positive things should be said about the good doctor. Even the smallest amount of criticism, regardless of how valid it may be, could incite extremists to attack The Great Anthony Fauci. Remember, he IS science.

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Owner is just trying to milk money from very naive, gullible people under the guise of public safety. The government does it constantly. And I'd much rather see a small business squeezing that udder.

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She was interviewed on Carolla a week or two back. Actually seemed fairly down-to-Earth. But the thing is, her farts are nothing special. Probably smell like everyone else's. Guarantee no one could tell the difference between this gal's little poots and one of my rips. And I bet I couldn't make ten cents off my farts. This girl sells hers at $1,000 a pop.

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Is that one of those 'pregnant men' I keep reading about?

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"If science can't be questioned, it's not science anymore. It's propaganda," Rodgers said. "That's the truth."

Spot on.

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I'm old enough to recall when people were dropping dead in the streets in China.

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Guys a bullshit artist. His entire fanbase is made up of bored middle-class housewives. And like many bullshitters, he's figured out how to manipulate the most easily manipulated demographic in the country and turn a big profit.

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The new Pfizer brand seat-belts are guaranteed safe & effective.

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In elementary school, they used to talk about Kwanzaa like it was some ancient holiday, rich in history, celebrated universally by all African natives. Was shocked to discover that it was invented in the 1960s by some jackass from Maryland. Guys even still alive today.

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OP) # The only theory that makes sense to me is that the vaccine provides immunity against the real threat (e.g. smallpox like bill gates is warning about), so all the compliant NPCs will have immunity against the actual weaponized payload when they eventually release it and all the non-compliant, self-reliant resist-ers will get killed off.

This is what I've I believed since the beginning of the vaccine rollout. I think the vaccinated will be harmed, but much greater harm will be done to the non-compliant. Also explains the strong push to get kids vaccinated.

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Someone who wants pull some serious 'likes' on Facebook.

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Pussy-whipped men are far worse than entitled, do-nothing women.

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If I recall correctly, something similar happened on one season of 'the Island' with Bear Grylls. They had the men and women on separate Islands and tracked their progress throughout the season. While the women were tanning, getting lost and arguing with each other, the men had located a water source, built shelter and were actively hunting and fishing. There was a very clear gap between the two groups.

I think every season after that had the men and women together on the same Island. And of course, generally, the women would still squabble while doing minimal work and mooching off the labor of the men.

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