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Aaaaaaand now read back your post to yourself and you've answered why Democrats want to hire tens of thousands more IRS agents. They plan to make people even more sick of their bullshit, and they know people will try to work under the table, for relatives, doing odd jobs, dealing cryptocurrency, fixing cars, etc, to avoid paying taxes to an openly corrupt Federal government -- and they want their cut no matter what. And they'll throw you in prison if they don't get it.

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There's opponents and there's enemies. Opponents are merely against the things you are for - it's right there in the root word. Pon/pos. Opponent/Opposed, Proponent/Proposed. This woman is an Enemy. Does it look like she's playing Defense? If this were a mask mandate city, she would have the man jailed and his kids taken away from him.

You do not, and cannot, go easy on people like this. You MUST make them as miserable as possible, every single time you see them. This does not have to mean physical harm. But you should keep things like whistles, fart spray, etc, on or near you at all times for degenerate psychopaths like this.

Take pictures of her car/license plate while she watches you do it. Make fun of her waddle. Tell her you're going to put her all over the internet. Tell her you're going to find her name, and then tell her friends and family she said nasty things about your children. Tell her you're going to ruin her reputation. Tell her you're going to find out where she works, and tell them what she said. Tell her you're going to find out who her favorite coworkers are and you're going to harass them as well. Tell her you're going to follow her home, find out where she lives, and tell all her neighbors what a piece of crap she is. Tell her you're going to put up fliers advertising the nasty things she said about hoping children die.

Do whatever it takes to make her breakdown and apologize and beg you to stop. And then tell her.....NO.

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Not wealthy enough.

Normies are lined up around the block to support Timcast and Daily Wire. Us crazies need to be getting behind Alex Jones, who continues to put his money where his mouth is and hire people like OWEN SCHROYER who take it to these fucking globalist shitheads' faces...TO THEIR FACES....not a little weak bitch youtube channel, TO THEIR GODDAMN FACES.

Show me the fucking video of Matt Walsh getting ejected from a Government office, I'll wait. Motherfucker rented a room in a basement because he didn't have the balls to barge into a meeting room and just act a fool. The money we give Alex Jones funds people WHO REALLY DO THIS SHIT. I SUPPORT THAT!!

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True, I wouldn't have physically attacked her, but I guarantee I would be ordered to leave that store after the abuse I hurled in her direction

"You FAT WORTHLESS CUNT, you OBESE BITCH, you DISGUSTING FAT ASS, how many DECADES has it been since you felt a MAN'S TOUCH?" etc. It'd be bad, reeeeaaal bad.

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Or let a few hundred thousand Latino migrants move in, diversity is strength right? Language, culture, none of these things matter.....right? So let them move in and do all the jobs Ukrainians won't do, or something, and I'm sure Ukraine will be an economic powerhouse in no time.

Oh wait, none of that will actually work because it's a FUCKING LIE and always has been.

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"Who was in Paris?"

Cale Gundy leans into Microphone


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Reuters learned of underage workers at the Hyundai-owned supplier following the brief disappearance in February of a Guatemalan migrant child from her family’s home in Alabama.

The girl, who turns 14 this month, and her two brothers, aged 12 and 15, all worked at the plant earlier this year and weren’t going to school, according to people familiar with their employment.

RED STATE Republicans are (or at least were) complicit in blocking the Border Wall. Time will tell if anything has changed since 2017, I doubt it. There are so many shitstain Republicans who are profiting off of the suffering of illegal aliens -- they don't want to lose their cheap labor any more than Democrats want to lose their rape toys.

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Once upon a time, I would have shed tears, actual tears, seeing that happen. These days? I honestly don't even know.

Shelter dogs are put to death every day just for existing, never harmed anyone, all they ever did was love. Some of them, all they knew was abuse, they were taken from their abusive home, put into a shelter, and after not being adopted, they were summarily taken care of.

That situation, compared to a human with free will who has voluntarily, and for personal profit, inflicted evil on this world, who has personally contributed to permanent genital/bodily mutilation, drug overdose deaths, vaccine deaths, kidnappings, children being sodomized, by refusing to hold anyone responsible because they're "on the same team" and choose paychecks over doing the right thing...

.....No tears for these people. None. Not one.

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Is this you, cocksucker?

it's very worrisome how many people here think that a civil war would be fought in the trenches where our puny little civilian rifles would actually make a fuck......

You aren't one of us, dude. You're some Maher-like fuckface leftist who is only riding with us because it's counterculture. As soon as the Left runs their Gavin Newsome or nominates Dwayne Johnson, your bitch ass will be out the door in 2.2 seconds and will deny ever supporting America First.

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You and your loser friend really really REALLY don't want people watching this video, do you? Why is that? Why are you so vehemently against it?


Sorting by Controversial on your post history is hilarious. You have a fucking shit fit and act like a cocksucker every single time you get downvoted for being a bitch, and accuse everyone of being a Redditor, ignoring facts, ignoring blah blah......basically YOU are the only Redditor around here, you brought that culture here with you and you refuse to leave it there where it belongs.

We are Trump supporters here, we are America First. We're not assfucking self-righteous weirdos like you. Take the hint.

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I shit on Libertarians just as much as the next guy but you're just being a stupid cocksucker right now. You aren't funny, you aren't pithy, you're just in here defending child kidnappers and rapists by throwing around Reddit-tier garbage. Eat a bag of dicks.

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Our laws are not written in Jew, they're written in plain English, you simpleton

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Leave them reproduce


she was at a park, seating on a bench with her parents


The guy is an Argentinian (or at least pretending to be), he's not even one of us, and has the nerve to say cocksucker shit like


It's all fake. Fuck that Chappelle jogger. I don't care. He hates us. He is anti-White.

Read between the lines, fuckface, if you're even capable. Someone who types English this poorly definitely doesn't speak it fluently, wasn't born or raised here, and likely doesn't live in the US either. If they do, they're on an (expired) student visa, not a naturalized citizen, and more to the point, can't fucking vote in our elections.

You think I'm going to sit around and let foreigner assholes like this, with no manners and a bad attitude, slander our American citizens? I'm not. And I'll fucking flush you down the toilet along with this piece of shit if you try to interfere.

Mods know this, which is why I get to go around calling people the most VILE names imaginable: because when I report people for breaking the rules, 99.7% of the time, they broke a rule. It's not about my feelings. It's about rules. You don't follow the rules, you can get the fuck out. And if you aren't following the spirit of the rules, I'm going to get on your ASS and bait you into breaking the rules, then I'm going to report you and you'll get banned.

If you're Anti-Trump and think you can hide it, word to the wise: you can't. So don't piss me off.

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I don't hold myself up as a paragon of virtue, you dumb bitch. I'm an asshole with a superiority complex who strictly adheres to the rules and wants America First over anything else, including my own personal goals and aspirations.

I come at pieces of shit like you like an attack dog because you deserve it. You're lower than trash and you need to be more mindful and respectful of people you talk to around here. I'd happily run 10 garbage individuals like you OFF this website if it meant keeping around 50 or 100 or more normies that you would scare off with your cocksucker behavior.

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Not particularly relevant to OP's original point, but just pointing out the fact that you suck dicks, both generally and at making arguments. You have your head so far up your asshole you aren't able to speak carefully enough to make points that can withstand even a basic amount of scrutiny.


(a) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent death of or imminent great bodily harm to himself or herself or to another individual. (b) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent sexual assault of himself or herself or of another individual.

For definitions and the criminal code:


750.520e Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree; misdemeanor.

(i) When the actor overcomes the victim through the actual application of physical force or physical violence.

i.e. Sorry fuckface you're wrong for probably the 100th time today alone, because you're an incautious prick. You can use deadly force in Michigan not only to stop a MISDEMEANOR against yourself, but a MISDEMEANOR being committed against someone else.

Suck a dick and stop being a fucking hating little bitch.

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You remind me of the people who act shocked and outraged when they find chunks of corn in their cornbread. IT'S FUCKING CORN BREAD. CORN. BREAD. Why the fuck would you act shocked and outraged when books beloved by trannies and weirdos start resembling...books written FOR trannies and weirdos?

Well-adjusted adults with blue-collar jobs, calloused hands and regular Church attendance are not their target audience and never were. With sales in the gutter and most of the blood squeezed out of the rock, they're now pandering to their most loyal base - transhumanist woke degenerates. How are you not able to understand that? Were you dropped on your head as a child?

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Yeah, let's all listen to you and follow your lead. Just a sampling of the shit YOU say while acting all high and mighty:

Consider the toll paid in full.

Who are the fucking faggots upvoting this fucking faggot?

Go find a bag of dicks and choke on it, faggot.

Anyone surprised he's a Jew?

The majority of voters believe Bill Mitchell is a giant fucking faggot grifter.

All in the last 2 weeks. Yeah you're just so far above the fray, above the pettiness, you massive fucking cocksucker.

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Well basically, I'm getting thousands of dollars of sushi, COMPED, and you work at taco bell.

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How many alt accounts do you have? Fuckface. You really want to burn your accounts on something like this? You must have a whole stockpile.

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Lying piece of shit, fake ass bitch. This is how you pick up animals to not hurt them, by the scruff of their neck. Who is paying your paycheck for you to come on this website and act like a bitch?

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You're a lying stupid bitch, you go around calling people you don't even know some of the worst names imaginable and claim to be Christian, fucking stupid piece of garbage

I can't wait til you get banned you fucking train wreck fake ass fraud infiltrator

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