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aint nothing wrong with a nice cold yoo hoo and a little debbie oatmeal cream pie

Aren't they both loaded with high fructose corn syrup?

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think you’d be more likely to get a sneak-vax from something like the flu shot

Somewhere right here on TDW, there is a post about one of them (Pfizer?) combining the poison into the flu shot. Already happening, Pede.

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No, it’s rocket surgery

Boondock Saints II - All Saints Day

"Ok I'mma let you have that one, but look I can do this. This isn't
 rocket surgery. You guys find the bad guys doin' bad stuff and yah
 kill 'em, right?"
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Free Tesla rides to space for commies

They'd probably ask to go to the sun at night when it is safe to go...

(Apologies for hijacking a blonde joke!)

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Goliath was a great series. Billy Thornton is way underrated in my humble opine.

EDIT: Goliath Season 4 Episode 5: Spilt Milk

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When a number of their Democratic voters gets eaten by polar bears and wolves...

they'll find a way to blame it on Trump.

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'We Did So Much, Nobody Knows the Effects Yet'

"If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit."

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"Really, Charlie, kick the football! I won't pull it away this time. Promise."

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You can convince some people to believe anything

Saw a post quoted from some leftist discussion board. Idiot swore he had seen Sarah Palin on the teevee say she could see Russia from her porch. He was absolutely positive it happened.

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Last time I thought he approached "funny" was Grandpa Jack or whatever his name was on In Living Color.

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he should have sacrificed his position to prove the point

he should have sacrificed his position and his federal firearm rights to prove the point

FTFY -- there's always more ways for ZOG to fuck people over

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There is a fun documentary that includes the history of Coca-Cola in the history channel series The Food That Built America. Problem is the split it up into segments and interspersed it with other foods and drinks. It is in season one which is only three episodes long.

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one of the best head instructors

Meanwhile Jeff Toobin becomes a fisherman and plans to be a master baiter.

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What kind of fucking retarded made up names are these?

John Ross explained one way this happens in Unintended Consequences

  G.G. Jackson was one of many women employed by agencies of the federal
  government. She had been born in Chicago's South Side in 1963. Her mother,
  Shavonna Jackson, had been fifteen at the time. Like many 15-year-old
  single mothers, Shavonna Jackson had not thought much about the realities
  of motherhood, including the immediate problem of what to name her

  Concurrently, overworked interns on rotation in ghetto hospitals did what
  they could to entertain themselves amid 20-hour days in depressing
  surroundings. In 1963, as in all other years, one of the standard gambits
  among interns assigned to inner-city delivery rooms was to see who could
  cause the most outrageous name to be printed on the birth certificate of
  children born to ghetto teenagers.

  The second week of February, 1963 saw some serious competition among
  interns in south Chicago. In a five-day period, there were Chicago-area
  births registered for Madison Avenue Washington, Epluribus Wilson, Nosmo
  King (inspired by a waiting room sign), Simian Cook, and Anus Brown. The
  award that week, however, went to a young doctor from Grosse Pointe,
  Michigan, who hated working in the Chicago facility. He had suggested to
  Miss Jackson that she give her infant daughter a distinctive,
  happy-sounding name, and offered one he thought appropriate. He pronounced
  the first name with the accent on the second syllable, and Shavonna
  thought it sounded nice. Like "Gloria" only fancier. People who read the
  name would pronounce it differently, but Shavonna could not read, so the
  impact of the intern's joke was not felt for some time.

  [G.G. Jackson's name is not revealed until hundreds of pages later...]

Edit:  I should be merciful.  It was revealed as (accent on the second syllable) "Gonorrhea Gaily"
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Your ANTIFAG cow-orker missed something: Lots of child trafficking arrests under the Trump administration were executed by the US Marshal's Service. I'm guessing because the FBI couldn't be bothered to bust their own damned selves 'cause they're in it up to their necks.

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like Don Johnson

The Don Johnson who played a character who chopped up the girl and fed her to his dog? That was a fun movie and the dog did say she "had good taste."

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Trump needs to clean out his advisers

EXACTLY the fuckin' problem! Who the hell is supposed to screen visitors? The man is in a goddamned campaign and his moron staff didn't warn him not to take uninvited guests? That is "uninvited guests" who showed up with with a person Trump HIMSELF described as "seriously troubled" fer crying out loud.

[takes deep breath -- counts to ten] OK, I'll shut up now.

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ACLU was formed to protect communists in the U.S.A. from the likes of Senator Joseph McCarthy and HUAC on the house side. I can't remember for sure, but ISTR they were involved in throwing out a law that prohibited communists in labor unions. In any case, they wage lawfare to this day in support of communist subversion of the country.

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They'll come back over time.

Remember when Rush pointed that the bitch that wanted $1,500 for birth control was a slut? Advertisers left. Then a big one (sleep number?) wanted to come crawling back -- and got told to go fuck themselves.

Even a big advertiser leaving was not big a deal...

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merciless Indian Savages

The Deerfield Massacre: The colonial version of the Bataan death march.

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At 19 I was not thinking with the big head

John Hyatt wrote a song you might like about that very thing. Appropriately, it was titled Little Head. Weird sense of humor, that guy.

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