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Hispanic are majority in America in the under 30 age group. And you’ve been bullied out of all your cities by blacks. Fucking disgrace to the white race.not even a democratic country anymore. Still masking your children. Who’s cucked. Fat faggots. Hope Russia nukes you all. Couldn’t even last 100 years wearing the crown.

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This is a school in Rochdale. Rochdale is 30% paki/Indian.

The U.K. as a whole is less than 4 % Muslim. This is like going to Harlem taking a pic and saying it represents America.

Not that I give a fuck. Im moving to Eastern Europe asap

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The King James Bible says it is an abomination and that any man who lies with a man must be put to death. No one can tell me any different

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You shouldn’t take advice from random people on the internet. But I believe we’re heading into global recession by Q2 this year. I think it’s likely stocks will hit new lows before they hit new highs, each month worse than the next. All US equity long term charts are overbought and are now in sell the rally, instead of buy the dip. It depends what you own though. If we are indeed going into recession similar to 2008, then the best thing to own is gold imo.

Remember back then all these gold businesses were popping up, Cash4gold, goldconverters etc. and gold/silver charts look quite bullish. It’s pretty much the only thing that does well when everything turns to shit

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4/5 rate hikes while going into almost certain recession. I doubt many of you know just how fucked this year is going to be

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France alone lost more men in ww1 than America has in every war they’ve ever had put together. You got involved in European wars only when it was a benefit to you. It was never about freedom or any of that crap

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Every single person who upvoted that degenerates comment needs to be set on fire

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the other day i posted a meme (ive since deleted it). it immediately got -10 downvotes after 1 min. magacatlady then called me a british homo in the comments. howd they know i was british without having some kind of database. also if you check their comment history they say theyre a mom to 3 boys, a few days later they say theyre a mom to 4 girls. GLOWING

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Also if you quickly look at their post history. They say they’re a mom to 4 girls, then say they’re a mom to 3 boys a few days later.

This fucking site is infested with these agents. It makes it borderline unusable

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I’ve been suspicious of magacatlady too. Won’t explain here but very shifty behaviour from that user and a few others who behave very similarly.

They seem to either memorise usernames and personal info about them or have a list…

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Maybe he means Jews and not Israel?

Jews were allowed back in England after they funded Oliver Cromwell and the English civil war. The first thing Oliver Cromwell did once he killed the king was allow Jews to resettle England. Jewish money paid for a lot of the early voyages to America and the early colonisation.

Prior to the English civil war, they had been banished for hundreds of years for loan sharking the populace.

Anglo Jewish history isn’t that well known… but they’ve been intertwined with the Anglo world and held positions of power ever since the 17th century.

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I read that will a fruity camp voice in my head . Grow some balls you queer. And get a paternity test

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It’s just so strange that Britain gets rid of every restriction, while other similar countries are going full steam ahead on the craziness. Baffling really. Everyone needs to stand up to the madness. Enough is enough. They’re destroying countries and everyone is just letting it happen

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My ex was from Ukraine. I spent 3 weeks visiting her village. Every girl was atleast an 8. It was unbelievable

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What? It’s only acceptable for Israel? I really fucking hate the American left with all my guts

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Ask your supervisor to turn the aircon up!

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Are you a real person lol?

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