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Same reason you guys don’t do anything about all the shit happening on your southern border.

Out of sight out of mind. Also the police are a middle class enforcement force. To them, the working class are the lowest of the low. The girls being raped are all low class so no one cares.

We can’t really properly do anything until the police thin out. And they’ll eventually be thinned out by rising crime levels. Also, most people care more about football than anything else. a country filled with spineless cucks living in past glory.

I’m already heading to Moscow

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The fruits of democracy. Such a great system. Ran by a corrupt group of spineless drug addicts where election cycles are the only thing that matters. No wonder democracy never survives more than a few centuries.

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Enoch Powell is trending here in the U.K.

If anyone doesn’t know who that was he basically said decades ago, that if we let in ethnics, we’ll end up fucked like America. People are discussing his speech and that it’s coming true.

He had 75% support of the country. But the establishment kicked him out of the conservatives. Yet everything he said is coming true.


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The solution to people thinking they were born in the wrong body is not to pump them full of chemicals and breathe life into the delusion that they can ever be a different gender.

They need proper psychiatric help.

Any who thinks differently is wrong and their opinion shouldn’t be respected. That goes for a number of prolific posters on this site.

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China will invade Taiwan after the Beijing olympics in feb.

Ukraine will eventually split between east and west. The west will join a dysfunction eu

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Happy Hanukkah.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever met a Jew. Regards

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The perfect action for Trump atm is to be saying that it shouldn’t be mandated and that it shouldn’t be given to kids. He gets to please everyone then, except the Alex joneses

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I saw an advert for a job at the GCHQ (Which is like the British CIA) a few years ago. The ad had a picture of a tranny with the caption “we break cyber criminals and gender roles”.

The CIA probably recruit from the same pool of freaks. Quite scary isn’t it. An army of mentally ill degenerates in command of all the high tech gear designed to root out any of us that may challenge the power they represent.

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We’re in the start of a civil war and those people support the other side.

That sounds dramatic but it’s the truth.

I’ve lost half my friends in the last few years. Social media is tearing us apart. It identifies who is left wing and who is right wing, then shows them news and stories which solidifies and reinforces their position. There’s a steady stream of outrage stories that taps into a persons emotions and can regulate their views on others. We gradually get more and more extreme. The middle ground is shrinking and that is really bad for democracy.

Also Slavic gingers are hot! Ti slava

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Imagine showing an American man from 100 or 200 years ago that pic. What would he think?

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Yes I’ll cope over 5% of the population. Hispanics are already the majority under 30 in America. How’s your spanish?

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This site is used by people all over. All I did is stick up for my country. Exactly the attitude you wish more in the U.K. and other western nations had.

Turn off the hate boner for Brits.

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Ok Juan

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Not that there isn’t a problem, but it’s because they all name their son the same thing.

U.K. is still less than 5% Muslim

America has more Muslims than the U.K. and America’s Muslim population is growing faster. Also a lot of your blacks are converting. Take a look around philly and see them all

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Sorry to hear that. People need to be hanged for this. Young and healthy people are putting their health at risk for a “vaccine” that only lasts a few months, over a virus that has a very low chance of killing them. The instances of these reactions may be rare, but if you’re forced to take a booster every few months, it starts creeping up.

Best to live as an outcast like the rest of us here and say no

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I can recite a dozen Kipling poems off by heart, and know about traditional 20 songs off by heart some being 300-400 years old, and I can bench a nice amount.

Knowing and understanding the poems and song of your people is part of being a man. So is being strong.

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Every conservative media outlet needs to plaster this everywhere. THIS IS FUCKY AS FUCK

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Atleast we have a clear indication who is a retard

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