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Republicans are traitors and are funding a war that may go nuclear and it doesn't benefit the American peeople in any way

It has only made all our economic problems worse

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Our state department is staffed with genocidal homosexuals who have us on the brink of nuclear war to protect their own egos

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It was a bipartisan effort to cause war and launder our money

This is what Trump was fighting against and why they had to rig the election to remove him

The military industrial complex is pure evil

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This faggot hates Ukranians and wants nuclear war.

He said he's "willing to take the hit" for the cause when talking about the possibility of nukes flying

Fuck Zelenksky forever, he's an evil psychopath

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Yep and notice how all of the right and leftwing media is able to mobilize and say without any evidence that this is a sham election

Where was this scrutiny for our elections??

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All of the media is currently election deniers of the referendums in Ukraine to secede

And it was immediate, with no evidence whatsoever

So why do they care when we deny the 2020 election with mountains of evidence? They say it's dangerous, but it's not. The election they are denying is dangerous because they intend to escalate us towards nuclear war.

The media is evil

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This fag let our election get stolen, but Russia...

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I hate this dude and the people controlling him

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Ok, and No evidence of foul play in eastern region votes to secede from Ukraine.

Let's stop sending money right now and end the war

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I don't think the vaccines went as well as they wanted, it seems like they are bailing on that at least

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Yeah, but also inform women that no Leftist policy makes them safer

Remind them often of crime statistics in leftist controlled cities.

I completely agree you shouldn't trade liberty for security, but we aren't even doing that, and arguing this premise makes people think past the sale that dem policy is safe

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Are you forgetting that Congress also has a problem with Chinese infiltration?

Multiple members have Chinese spies working for them.

I didn't mention Jews. let's just ensure only solely American citizens are in our military and government. Pass a law.

If you have a problem with that, you are likely a traitor.

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Yo it's none of our business, shut up and leave. This isn't a neocon board

Everything you hear about Iran in our media is a lie, and even if you hate them out state department will not act in anyone's best intentions but their own

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No, just to escalate conflict and remove Russia's leverage

The state department is evil, Victoria nuland was heavily involved in the Iraq war and Ukraine coup

They hate us and will kill our young men without pause

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