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wine and brush

The brush is for the GOATs. And I don't mean "greatest of all time"...I mean "grown, old-ass-THOTs".

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The drug dealers would get a thug to come fuck with you for fucking with their customers...even the lowly crackheads. That was then. They might just shoot you now. But it sounds like fun!

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It would certainly accelerate some things.

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What was Maos friends name again? Jakob Rosenberg?

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He owns the UFC. Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dude is based af. I remember watching the first 20 UFCs on VHS tape back when I was younger. Great stuff!

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Ahh...the progressive decline 😃

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Adam Calhoun. He raps. Has his own clothing line...made in the US. Based Patriot.

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..and he has his own clothing line. Made in the USA. I wonder if he's going to start making work gear 🤔

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I didn't buy Carhartt until I got working back outside and doing real labor. Their shit is tough and doesn't fall apart. This really pissed me off. I've tried some of TSCs house brand gear. Some is good...some is not-so-good. It's hit or miss. But exactly...why shoot yourself in the foot?

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Nah...we have guns and clean blood that they need. I wonder what happens if they were to give a pureblood a dirty "vax" transfusion...could you sue them? I had a friend whose dad needed a blood transfusion because of an accident and ended up getting hepatitis. I don't know if they settled with him or if he sued though...?

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I don't think anyone missed Bruce Jenner do his inside-out-dick-flip though!

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I used to live in a neighborhood close-by. Talk about a shithole. We had 5 drughouses in throwing distance. Nasty prostitutes and crackheads roaming the streets at all hours. Used vials and syringes next to the curbs...when it would rain there would be a pile at the edge of the drain at the end of the street. Largest open-air drug market in the world. I haven't been there in a few decades...I can only imagine how much nastier it is today.

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This is why you don't fuck strangers in the ass Larry!

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Unfortunately memes don't undo stolen elections🙁

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You forgot "incestual with his grandkid".

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Same fren. I use that shit daily.

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