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He should ball it up and bounce it off of his face.

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If it slows globohomo momentum enough and is presented in a way that normies are willing to entertain as a better path to take then that's a small victory. We need to get out from under the slavery that we're all forced into. Anyone who doesn't believe they're a slave lacks awareness and has effectively been brainwashed.

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It's not just the US...but if we fail completely it will be the biggest fall as of todays societies. And it's not looking good. Our Constitution has been cancelled by the globohomos. These faggot politicians, corporations, and "NGOs" have secured the downward spiral through sedition and treason. There is no accountability for anyone above the proletariat...or their useful idiots as is seen by Soros funded DAs and judges who defrauded the US when the made their "oath".

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You're not missing anything good Hammy...I promise 🫤

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There was just some eurocunt giggling while saying "hate crime laws" are coming to the US shortly. I suppose we'll see how that goes.

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The fakest of very fake news.

Fack Check: False

Debunked and No Standing. This is actually the REALest of VERY REALest news you bigot nazi.

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All white people look the same.

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<Michael Robinson Obama has just enetered the chat>

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What's up W_H? The riots didn't seem that bad. But they might just be warming up until they get all of their terrorist organizers flown to their appropriate regions.

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Zero fucks to give about any city, it's order-followers, or the violent useful fuckholes that destroy the environment they live in. Let them eat each other.

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Unfortunately, organized religions will never see eye to eye and will ultimately be at war for eternity. We need to be spiritual and know The Creators Truth...aka - Gods Law/Natural Law. Following the dictates of man under the guise of religion is accepting mental slavery.

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Let the reverse-engineering begin...but really...most likely...continue. I'd bet Russia has guys on the ground there already perusing the stock if not already in possession of some of it.

Also, it wasn't fucked up nor Biden making that call. That was done for a reason.

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