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the sooner we wake up to the fact that elves and muzzies are basically the same, the sooner we can unite against those that want us dead.

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ted took action

q tells you to sit on your hands and stick your thumbs up your ass while the "white hats" do the work

ted =/= q

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pretty good for target practice

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why would this burst our bubbles?

you think pdw views this guy as some sort of savior?

he cheated on his wife with his nurse, divorced his wife and then married the nurse, and went to pedo island for underage lap dances or worse....

his wife stood by him the whole time he went from normal to severely handicapped.

why would you think we would respect this guy?

it was a great day they put his ass in the ground.

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then you understand why some people have no sympathy for your friend. he did something known to injure and even kill people without any need and of his own volition.

right? you get it?

i hope your friend recovers quickly.

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if he had covid, then he is immune to covid and does not require any vaccination.

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if there are rinos in congress after the wave, do you think anything will change? remember, Trump had a rino congress in 2016 and they blocked fucking everything Trump needed to do. EVERYTHING

rinos are just as bad as the commie dems

nothing will change until we flush the toilet and put a super majority MAGA into place in both houses.

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I'm not scared of the virus or the media or anything woke.

I'm just vibing, waiting for them to make their big move.

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