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looks like a transformer blew on a roof air conditioning, please spread more lies

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They fucked up my Summerville man. The liberals just fucked it up. MACE would have lost hands down against a real MAGA candidate, but they put up that dumb cunt Kattie Arington again. I should have ran myself. Maybe I will next time.

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Hens are not laying eggs if they are fed commercial feed. Eggs are down in production, and prices up. This is a game. They are purposely tainting the chicken feed with something that blocks egg production and likely can increase chances of blood clots in anyone that eats eggs from hens being fed the tainted feed.

This is no longer political, this is an attack on humanity. Laws no longer protect those that are waging a war of genocide upon us all.

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I have no beef with twitter, but what it seems happening here, is an echo chamber of no matter what anyone says, as long as it fits within the scope of hating a particular subset/culture of America, then its good to go and everyone must support it or be cast out and labeled a fed, a leftist infiltrator, a bot, or something along those lines.

The overwhelming majority of posts here now, are done in a click bait fashion. They provide little if any substance, facts or good information and are instead backed by opinion and "I want it to be this way" feelings.

People linking shit they find from 2-3 years ago, that regular members here have saw dozens of times over. Stuff being stickied because it has a shock factor, with little or no actual verifiable truth to it.

This is why my participation and time spent here has fallen off by 99% in the past 12 months. I guess most of the older users who appreciated what this site used to be can relate.

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NO. Full Stop.

Biden didn't escalate shit.

Ukraine has had HIMARS for half a year or more. They've used them to fire into all types of locations. HIMARS are not massive explosives, they are GPS guided rockets that have small yield but very precise targeting.

HIMARS will not "level" anything. This article is trash and you are trash for spreading propaganda.

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No, that girl was never even shot with a real bullet. She was Stage Prop #1, literally PULLED thru a door and shoved to the front of the line and when the time was right, she stepped up onto a window seal, then fell backwards onto a backpack and lay on the floor till it was time to end the op.

Her "blood" was on the ground outside the Capitol, I was there and saw the ambulance drive away. I had returned to the Capitol from my hotel and had idea of what happened. A few people were shouting its all fake, they are all actors, and some were saying "they shot a girl in there", I put 2 and 2 together, saw the blood and went in for the preservation of evidence because it sounded too "perfect storm" to me. What drew my attention was actually how bright red it was. I had a zip lock bag that held some extra batteries for my flashlight, so I emptied it, reversed the baggy and swabbed a good amount of the "blood". This was whatever "dripped" off her as she was carted out the southeast side exit to the ambulance. There was a trickle of drops from the smaller pool I swabbed, that led back all the way down the sidewalk and into a side door on the lower level of the southeast exit.

So, I get back home the next day, put the substance under microscope, it contained ZERO cellular structures. It was not blood. It was a chemical mixture to appear to be blood.

Till this day, the substance inside the plastic bag remains viscous and in liquid state. REAL blood would have dried out, this has not. Real blood's biological components would have evaporated and solidified, crystalized after nearly 2 years. Whatever came off or out of her was not human blood, it was FAKE BLOOD.

Michael Byrd was never charged, nor investigated for a murder because he didn't shoot or killed her, nor anyone that day. There was no inquiry, because it was a prop gun/blank round fired. The US Capitol has a very specific protocol for any ACTIVE SHOOTER event, IF REAL, and not scripted. Had a real firearm been discharged that day, during that time, all magnetic doors would have slammed shut, lights would have been cut, and a series of protocols would have been implemented by the police on-scene. NONE of that happened. In fact, when the shot was fired, all the police in the immediate area had no or little reaction whatsoever. In fact they reacted as if they were expecting it, as if that was the plan from the beginning.

The ambulance took Babbitt where exactly? Which hospital received her? Where is the documentation and video of that event? It does not exist because her "death" was part of the script to half the "riot event" if needed.

Ok, so lets just exhume her body and examine material evidence then? Cannot do that either, because just hours after her death, she was cremated and burned into ash, gone forever. ASHley, burned into ASHes.

Use your brains people. The Matrix sends its regards.




Hint, she was supposed to be dead already when inside, but as she was carted out, she opened her eyes for this camera

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The FBI is not corrupt to the core. The FBI is handcuffed by policies and liberal appointees that run the show and direct the course of all agent actions.

If you knew how many false or outlandish tips/requests were made to FBI field offices over the past 3-4 years related to utter bullshit and wastes of time, then you may being to see the impossible task that was presented to the agents.

  1. You cannot do X,Y,Z anymore because the Director says so, and the POTUS says this or that.
  2. You are being tipped off on lies, fabrications and misdirections by thousands of angry people that want something done about something, because they just dont like something... so they call the FBI tipline or leave an online report to waste the agents time even more.
  3. Lack of manpower, diluted pool of information, lack of leadership and a crippled rules of engagement is the reason why you think the FBI is corrupt.
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Did you ever wonder why no police report on active shooter inside the US Capitol was ever filed? That's because no actual gun shot was fired. It was a rehearsed scenario that is part of the crowd dispersal tactics employed by the Security Control Center at the US Capitol building. Ever wonder why the officer who fired his weapon was never investigated? Its because he never actually shot a weapon, he fired a blank that was prepared ahead of time and everyone in that area was prepared for it. When is the last time you saw SWAT members have a weapon unexpected discharged into a crowd, and just NOT react at all? Just like, oh a shot was fired and this girl was just hit, that is cool, I'll just stand here and stare at the crowd, because I already know where that "shot" originated from. No, there was no sudden decision to draw and fire to protect the members of the House. That entire event was one of many defenses deployed to stop the breach and disperse the crowd back out of the building. When a true "active shooter" event happens, all the officers must draw, take cover and identify the shooter/shooters and lock down the area. The sheer NON-reaction by every single uniformed officer within 20 feet of Ashley Babbitt being murdered, is all the evidence that even the worst investigator would need to come to this same conclusion.

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More like Excitement. His words of "we have to enter the Capitol tomorrow" was said on the 5th. He even clarified that the Rotunda area should be open, and that we have to "pack in the people to get as loud as possible to force congress to hear us".

The clips won't show that part though. I even saw Epps in front of the SCOTUS on the 5th just around the time the viral clip of him was filmed. Many other people there said much much worse. Epps words were nothing compared to what users were posted here on this forum for weeks prior.

Epps can say whatever he wants, 1st amendment free speech protects him. His speech did not force people to go bash open a window and climb into a building the next day. The people you should be looking for are the 1) Megaphone Commander on the scaffold, 2) The loud speaker Lady at the halfmoon window helping lift and shove people through it, 3) the female actor that played the role of Ashley Babbitt and went down to a gunshot in order to halt the influx of breaching protestors. Find those 3 people and investigate them. You're sure to get more than you want.

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Yeah, federal service for over 21 years on the official books. Then about 3 years as undercover informant until the peoples being investigated left the United States. I was not in service during my personal visit to DC on the 5th and 6th.

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Fuck posts like this.

Out of context, out of time. Words are just playing onto the image to get the effect out of you. the RISE out of you.

Zelensky owns a suit and the attire for this conference was a suit, this image is YEARS OLD.

When Zelensky visited DC, he came in his "less formal attire" to help project the fact his nation is under siege from one of the biggest threats to freedom in Europe. Yes, he should have maybe worn something at least semi-formal here in DC, as I was not a fan of his "down trodden" gym rat outfit, but still... the OP and its linked image are total bullshit and just not even accurate.

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Ray Epps is a fucking nobody that got a camera put on him Jan 5th. He never went into the US Capitol, he never damaged any property, he never harmed another person. HIs words were taken out of context and out of time, then applied to another scenario entirely.

I was there, I saw it all go down on the 5th and the 6th. The 5th was miserable. It was drizzling and 40 degrees, overcast and people were meandering around the SCOTUS and Capitol buildings, while the Vietnamese were driving in car convoys around the complex blaring their horns, waving their flags and signs about how corrupt the US Government is.

Thousands of people were there, and hundreds of them talked a lot of shit and said a lot of fucked up things. Ray Epps just happened to have the camera on him and that video went viral. Epps is a nobody. Move the fuck on and ask why these congressmen who keep bringing him up are not actually doing something about something, all talk and no action. Fucking tools across the board.

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The ratio of ups/downs on my reply will confirm the facts on who it is that lurks these forums. I provided facts, I have 1st hand knowledge, I told it like it is, and the truth does hurt sometimes. Deal with it cupcakes. My guess, the little keyboard warriors who never even considered going to DC on the 6th, will downvote my reply, because it hurts their little feelings. The same do nothings that will ensure our nation burns before they get off the couch...

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Yeah, Ray Epps never went into the US Capitol. Never caused any property damage. Never caused any physical harm to another person.

You cannot arrest and jail a person because they used free and protected speech the day prior. There were hundreds if not thousands of people saying the exact same thing as Ray Epps in the weeks prior here on this forum, on discords, online in general. There were hundreds on the 5th within many of the gathered crowds saying things far worse than what Mr Epps was saying.

The crowd on the 6th at the White House ellipse were shouting things like, "gather up congress and toss them into the Potomac River", "Hang the traitor Pence", "Lets go burn down our house, the rats will scurry out, then burn them too!"

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I am a government agent and I was in DC at the US Capitol on the 5th and 6th. Free speech is a real thing. I said things, Epps said things. Each person who acted did so on their own accord. Crime is crime, and a non-crime is exactly that. A citizen cannot be arrested simply because you don't like them, or because you think they should be in jail. An actual CRIME is required to arrest and hold.

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Epps is not in jail because he did not violate any law, or commit any crime. The people in jail are the ones who breached the US Capitol, committed crimes against Federally protected spaces and people, and were arrested for those crimes.

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Did Ray Epps enter the US Capitol building?

Did Ray Epps do anything, other than demonstrate his 1st amendment right to free speech?

I was there on Jan 5th and 6th. I was loud, boisterous, said a lot of stuff myself. I however did not enter the US Capitol building, I did not damage any property and I did not cause any harm to another person.

Ray Epps is getting a lot of attention for nothing. He did not commit any crimes, which is why he is not in jail.

This fact will not be liked very much by this echo chamber of keyboard warriors, but facts are the facts. Move along and figure out why the National Guard was not deployed, figure out why hired security was in place wearing D.C. Police Uniforms, figure out why there were magnetic doors being opened from the Security Control room. Focus on the stuff that was improper, illegal and more damaging. Stop wasting time on this Epps dude.

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Kemp and Raffensperger are bought and paid for by the NWO. China supplies the code and computers, Dominion is a shell company that sells and installs them by the convenient idiots who work there.

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This is a big nothing burger. Dems just trying to drag out a big lie.

FACTS ARE: Georgia ILLEGALLY VIOLATED their own established laws, processes, standards, rules and policies with so many facets of the election that the "Certification" itself should have been a felony.

The vote difference between Biden/Trump was so small, that you could simply take ONE of the DOZEN or so types of violations, reconsider accepting the votes that came from VIOLATION of law, and remove those votes. Just looking into ONE of the again, nearly a DOZEN differing types of fraudulent votes would have been enough to flip the results of the election, because Biden benefited 100% in each violation type. Amazing huh? Whenever there is a problem, a deviation, that it always somehow benefits the Democrat.

Anyway, if you look at the violations such as, Non-Citizen cast votes, Double Voting by same human from 2 or more counties, multiple voting from same human in 2 different states, votes accepted past deadline due to MISSING postal stamps, votes scanned multiple times in same batch scanner (some ballots rescanned 10+ times with 50/100 ballots per batch), ballots cast by CHILDREN under the age of 18, ballots cast by people no longer living at the address on file, ballots cast by empty parking lots by people over 100 years old, ballots picked up from nursing homes by the hundreds with all of them voting for Joe Biden, the fact that the Georgia HOUSE Republican candidates ALL had MORE VOTES than Trump, and GA HOUSE Democrats had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of FEWER VOTES than Joe Biden.

The FACT that you had Fulton County sending entire truckloads of ballots in the middle of the night out of the elections storage building to a SHREDDER company.

The FACT that you had a group of Democrats send everyone home from Fulton County Arena due to a "water leak", then when everyone actually left, they came back into the counting rooms, pulled out huge containers of ballots that they had hid underneath black draped tables earlier in the day, cracked open those hidden ballot boxes, then scanned the same ballots over and over for nearly 2 hours. This was all caught on security cameras.

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NHL locked the tweet so only people NHL follows or mentions can add to the massive backlash list that was making the NHL look dumb as they are.

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