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It’s amazing to me that the writers of the article had the audacity to explicitly admit the criminal is male but insist on using female pronouns on him.

That’s a dude. He fucked his mother with his dick. Stop calling him a she you fucking degenerates.

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Francis Collins has always been a gigantic faggot. He is a creationist in charge of the human genome project. That should have been the first red flag that this dude was up to something fishy.

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I’m a naturalized American and I want you to know we appreciate your work.

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The government shouldn’t issue eviction moratoriums.

Notice how you are not really opposing socialism, you are actually prescribing it.

The “Carlsonian Rebuke Of Socialism” is pure mental retardation.

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You know what’s worse than the majority in a country not owning property? Telling the remaining few who do that they cannot charge rent OR evict non-paying tenants.

People who cannot afford a house payment need to be evicted. Period.

You seem to be convinced by the idiotic “Carlsonian rebuke” of socialism since you seem to believe we should implement -or refuse to dismantle- socialist policies in order to deter people from considering socialism.

Eviction moratoriums are a form of socialism. They are evil and destructive. They should be done away immediately.

You don’t avoid socialism by implementing it or by delaying its dismantling. It’s such a stupid idea, I don’t understand how even smart people like Tucker Carlson seem to think this way.

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You clearly don’t understand the meaning of “irony”.

Someone who reads Revelation (or any other religious text) and sincerely believes it has some kind of predictive or explanatory power is an extremely low IQ individual.

If you are stupid enough to believe the Bible was talking about Washington DC, mRNA vaccines or gain of function research then no wonder you also misunderstand the meaning of irony. You are dumb.

Also, weed (and drugs in general) should be legal. The manufacture, possession, sale and consumption of drugs is 100% victimless. The government has no right to tell you what you can or cannot put into your own body.

If you disagree you are a faggot on top of being a retard. Kys.

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That guy is a hypocrite though, he bans legally protected speech even though he says he doesn’t.

Fake and gay.

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I’m banned on Twitter, lemme know when they get on Gettr or Fag.

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Just spoke with a lady on the phone. They are getting swamped and they are clearly very overwhelmed by this. She was very irritated with me, interrupted me a lot and basically said “look, we can’t do anything if we are not given an actual document with evidence showing the fraud”.

She isn’t wrong. The audit has taken for fucking ever, it is several months behind schedule at this point. I did remind her that evidence of the kind she demand is and has been available for a long time already. But I conceded that without an actual report/document they can’t really just act on speculation.

Then the call got weird…

I told her that I would wait for the report to come out and that if they didn’t do anything then they would be in real trouble.

And she said “yes, I know, then you can come and execute him”.

I feel bad for her, I feel like they have been getting really angry and rude calls for days now. This is just to remind you to keep it civil with these people. Some of them are not even directly involved in what is happening, they are just answering phones etc.

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I am not a libertarian. I am a radical for individual freedom and things like free speech.

The SCOTUS has been crystal clear for decades on the subject. They are correct. Free speech applies even to things that might be objectionable or offensive. That’s the whole point of free speech and the 1st amendment.

Torba is a faggot, a hypocrite and a liar. The truth is I got banned from Gab faster than any other platform I’ve ever used and it was purely because I offended his stupid religious beliefs.

If that makes me a “lolbertarian” in your eyes then so be it. That makes you an anti-American faggot in my eyes. Stop making excuses for hypocrites and liars who pretend to be about freedom but aren’t really.

Torba is a grifter.

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Gab does not have real freedom of speech. It allows Nazis but censors pictures of naked women.

That’s retarded.

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Trump will never join Gab. There are too many Nazis there, the optics would be too much. GETTR is a more realistic option.

Also, Andrew Torba is a faggot. He claims he is running a free speech platform but he censors legally protected speech that offends his Christian beliefs.

Fuck Torba. Hope Trump doesn’t join Gab.

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That’s what we need to do to the traitors that stole the 2020 election

by UIGoku
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Torba is a liar and a hypocrite. He bans legally protected speech that offends his Christian beliefs.

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I’m a naturalized American and I strongly resent the insinuation that we are somehow pussies for coming here.

So, first of all, fuck you OP. You fucking pussy, you don’t have the balls to do what we did by coming here. Fuck you.

Secondly, I think the problems in this country are the fault of native born Americans, not immigrants.

I have NEVER seen a Mexican immigrant begging in the street for money. I see white Americans who were born here doing it, every day, for years.

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