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Because people can still watch the video without leaving .win by posting it here. So in a way we aren’t giving them traffic directly to their website but increasing the views to the point the video will gain some traction and upset Twitter who already does everything they can to surprises our account.

I post the links to better platforms so people can choose where they want to click away from here and drive traffic to and also to share with their friends.

I hope that make sense. Trust me, I’m not interested in giving Twitter more ad revenue but at the same time it’s a great feeling having a video like this go viral on a leftist platform.

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And that’s why I included it in the video. I didn’t want to make it purely humor, I wanted to also bring it down to earth and remind people that this what they are trying to do.

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I had to watch the whole speech to put this together.

I will never get those minutes back.

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I’m a producer for the network and I make every clips that has been posted here that’s a compilation, supercut, or something like this.

I don’t produce Bannon’s show but I did previously produce Raheem’s show.

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We will be premiering this clip, I worked very hard putting it together, on John Frederick’s show “Outside The Beltway,” today at 4pm EST so be sure to tune in and watch!

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I did take her picture before we spoke, but I have no plans on releasing it since it's not newsworthy at the moment.

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I would rather not speculate in my capacity here. I will say everyone involved was friendly, but the level of attention I received seemed totally unnecessary for the situation. It would be one thing if it was one or two officers, but there was half a dozen, along with the two people in plain clothes.

I told them to stay safe before I left.

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All I can say in regards to this is don’t see us reporting what is officially going on a “*&^%ing you over” because we are a news network that goes by what’s official, not what we believe to be true or hope to be true.

For instance, Joe Biden is currently the President elect. Us reporting that fact does not mean we are betraying anyone, it just means we are reporting what’s factual at this moment.

Trust me when I say, we are on the side of the truth and we won’t stop fighting for the truth and the country. Exposing things that the mainstream media doesn’t touch is our job.

But also keep in mind that the network is not a hive mind. I personally only produce one show at the moment, and while I can talk to the other producers, they have the final say about their shows. Unlike many other networks, no one is told what to report or how to do it. So you will get a diverse set of views from the same political spectrum, if that makes sense, because we are a collection of many people trying to put together what we think is best/right for the moment.

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Thank you for the recommendation!

We have a variety of opinions on our network, from all over the conservative spectrum, so don’t expect each show to have the same beliefs on every topic.

What we can promise is we do our very best to rely on fact based reporting and using principles, instead of money or power, to guide our programming.

Download the app, share it with friends, and be sure to send me any stories or suggestions you have because I am listening here!

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PM me! I would like to work with you sand see if I can get your information out to the public on Real America’s Voice.

I am a producer there and would like to see if you’re interested in making an appearance to explain your findings.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately Solomon is delayed for the foreseeable future.

He’s out of town till next week and then he will likely be too busy to do it.

I am definitely going to keep trying to make it happen, because he was interested in doing it when I spoke to him.

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