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This is a story from 4chan. 100% fake. Not only am I in none of the Epstein flight logs, I was among the first to expose Epstein in my book, the Clinton’s War on Women.

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Yes! Love it here. Scroll more than I post.

I have posted verification before. The left-wing weirdos at Media Matters has written about it as well, I believe.

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Just hope their charges don't mysteriously get dropped!

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My political persecution is what brought me back to Christ. So at least there's that silver lining. He really does work in mysterious ways!

Thank you!

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I wrote about this recently. Was what gave Tucker the inspiration for this!


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It's at 5PM EST! A little more than 10 mins from now.

Should have mentioned that. Boomer moment

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It is there. The show is re-streamed to different places every day.

All the places the show goes out is on www.StoneZONE.live

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Good question.

That's something I think I will go into on my show later today, celebrating his birthday. 5PM EST at StoneZONE.live

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Some random 4chan post said that.

Check the flight logs. Have never been to pedo island. Never would go.

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I'll pray for you. Sounds like you need some prayers.

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THIS: https://banned.video/watch?id=634edf5ddacec712193092bc

And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYklf5AZns0

But keep believing the claims of two foreign intelligence-funded left-wing filmmakers, Liz Cheney, and CNN if you want.

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Voted early in Florida! Wanted to vote election day, but am out of state at Mike Lindell's studio for his election night show tonigh!

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