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Dan Andrews and that wretched little CUNT Jacinda Ardern need to be held accountable. FUCK the fine forgiveness, they need justice to be made whole.

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To be sure, if there weren't so many cameras pointing at Canada, the truckers would've faced the same Commie brutality.

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Nah, the GOP needs to end. This is what we patriots must do. FUCK the GOP, I'm done with Mitch McConnell and Ronna Romney.

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Another campaign run from a basement too. They're fucking CHEATING and we're all just supposed to take it?

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Here comes the fucking steal again. They're actually delaying the announcement so they can insulate themselves from public scrutiny.

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Make our states inhospitable for communists. Do not let them enjoy our low tax, pro freedom enclaves. Force them back to Mordor.

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Correction, Katie Hobbs can't get her shit together. She knows if she completes the count right now, she's lost. Gotta manufacture some votes over here real quick... BRRRRR

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Nah, she's there to speak with the manger. There was a problem with her fries

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Brazil had an answer in several hours. They have a similar population and they have mandatory voting. They still cheated, but it was in a timely manner.

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And then they'll blame it on GOP after they take both houses and can't immediately fix this Biden made mess

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That's why this is so fucked. We literally have to have more than 50% of the population vote out the swamp so that when they cheat it takes the total vote # over the population #.

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Their bullshit should destroy that party for fucking decades. Never forget what they did.

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