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on one hand, McFunnel, let the charge to betray the Constitution, the American People and President Trump in that thing that they called the 2020 election.

on the other hand, McFunnel has to be in the swamp swimming in the swill to be on the inside...

its stinky in this swamp..

Randy Quaid for GOP Chairman...

We can elect Randy as the People's GOP Chairman !

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.....to print the Fake Ballots....

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well,..... I think you earned it:

Post of the day...

enjoy !

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meanwhile, at the hall of justice...

Pedos are underground with hydrogen fuel cells running until the food eaters fight the battle royale on the surface.

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Trump saw him coming, "no Trump country club for you".

Could you sit in the same ballroom and eat dinner with this guy and not puke up in your mouth ?

Mail him copies of the Constitution until they pile his mailbox so high...

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if your mutual fund hasn't sold them out by now, then your mutual fund is funding Disney.

"You don't buy Sal Rosenstein out, Sal Rosenstein buys You out. "

Disney is worth whatever the salvage value is, 10 cents on a dollar,

don't let your kids go there till they are 40 years old so they can see the Pedos coming at them.

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  1. PA has many ivy league schools that trained all the computer and vote fraudster kingpins. it is what the cabal wants, everyone to be poor and the compromized elites.
  2. the cabal can not have the middle class in there, a middle class is a threat
  3. look at Venezuela and other countries, first, Smartmatic Voting machines, steal the election, crash the oil market.
  4. the social media companies were just shell companies for deep state operatives. Corporations paid fake advertizing budgets to pay their wages to sell out our Constitution.
  5. the middle class is being replaced with H1B1s and the easiest way was to do this with many Corporations with government contracts, the Fed, mortgages and car loans that never get paid back and the fed backs them.
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ahhraumph, clearing my throat now.... ok... ready.... here we go

  1. Where were the pissy hats when teddy rolled his car into Chad-a-quickie lake and left his secretary Mary Jo Kopeckne in the front seat in 8' of water?

  2. Where were the pussy hats when Joe Biden had University of Delaware seal all his sexual harassment claims?

  3. Pussy hats were nowhere to be found when Biden's daughter's cry for help leaving her diary with all the inappropriate showers with James O'Keefe who gets raided by the FBI for reporting it.

  4. Still am looking for the puddy hats when Hunter's laptop came out especially the testimony of the Apple repairman that identified his likeness dropping off 3 waterlogged laptops, but still working enought to see him using the professional services of the ladies.

  5. Plenty of video of Joe Biden sniffing children in front of their groomer parents, and the piddy hats nowhere to be found, except repeating just grab that thing that Trump said 10 years ago on an illegal recording.

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soorry, i was away so long, had to vistit the head, what's up ?

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oil companies are in on it banks are in on it fake elections and invalid government are in on it maybe it will just go away.

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someone in NYC knew their buildings were going to be bombed

who sends in engineers into manhatten with explosives and no one knows about it ?

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If you add up all the incidents, Trump was the greatest president. Washington was the greatest reformer.

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after talking to the peace freaks a few times, you get hardened.

then you remember Darwin and this is the excuse for why you don't want to be near these fools when SHTF.

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yep, we are the highest form of intelligence in the universe

ok, got it !

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my definition of "to weaponize" means to pay for a cause that subverts our natural rights, some of which have been written in the Constitution.

  1. before any of the weaponization we see today, there was weaponization of religion.
  2. a great many people are weaponized by the opium wars,
  3. they are also weaponized by the fed
  4. 2000 mules proved they were weoponized by big tech and Zuck's ballot boxes
  5. soroities and fraternities are weaponized, what do secret societies do to a republic?
  6. these people are weoponized right down to their biblical or political names
  7. who names their kids this? it has to come from a think tank.
  8. don't forget media is weaponized
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The thing about russian elections is projection.

The Iraq/Ukraine slip, if that's real, thats the Judgement, if its fake so what.

its true anyway.

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