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Someone needs to give cornpop some stimulants for the good of the country.

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Elon is hands down the funniest autist on the planet. Letting the sink in was hilarious only to him, but the Ligma Johnson joke is top tier.

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He did it for the right reasons too. The flouride is all purchased from Chyna and this patriot knows about quality control in that shithole country

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I love how this trial footage isnt editted

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Dammit. I always trusted Criterion Collection. Last night I watched Akira Kurosawa's "Kagemusha" and I was planning to use Criterion to select the next masterpiece.

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Anyone who yells at me with a megaphone is going to get pummeled. First by my fists, and then the megaphone.

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I love how project veritas is honey potting all of these libtards.

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These brats make it clear how easy it is to brainwash young people. Makes me wonder if there is some sort of evolutionary advantage to being brainwashed.


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Our grandfathers would be rolling in their graves if they found out that people pay for wood and pay for water.

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I always thought the best way to cheat in a fishing contest would be to inject the fish with a lot of water.

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Must be some of that handcrafted artisanal firewood.

Or maybe it's a carbon footprint tax.

I like chopping wood too much to ever buy chopped wood.

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Ultimate penetration than most, because of shape, pure copper instead of lead, and +p.

I checked their website, and they do have some 380 options.


Underwoodamm.com filter by handgun filter by 380.

They're known for making ammo that has a phillips head look to the tip. Fluting on the sides of the bullet to apparently create an internal forward shockwave in meaty targets.

All of their 380 ammo is +p. Its gonna be spicy and give you some extra feet per second. I'm sure any sigs can handle +p.

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good story. I wonder if underwood ammo has any extreme defender or extreme penetrators that will upgrade your underpowered sig.

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