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I have another theory but I won't post it yet.

It's a little too out there and crazy.

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Justice kneepads?

good lord. . .

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He isn't as important as he thought he was.

Like The "Celebrities" who threatened to leave America if Trump was elected.

But stayed anyway.

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one of my female attendings thinks I talk to her in a demeaning way.

It only takes one to poison the pot.

As it is, little girls like her are why Men don't want to work with women at all now, they won't be alone in a room or mentor them.

Because of idiots like her who make it shit for the rest of us.

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Does she want children at some point or is she ok with being sterilized?

And no, I am not kidding.

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What I did say, is that they will open themselves up to lawsuits.

That isn't a plan.

I cannot make it any more clear.

Legally, they are liable. The only ones immune are the Vaccine companies.

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And I again, will repeat that opening themselves up to lawsuits is not a plan.

As a Private company, they cannot make their own laws. The decision set a precedent.

A good lawyer would have a field day.

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