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Bro relax, 90% of women aren't fat retards. Only 57%

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Theres plenty of Canadians in Toronto, they're just olivia chow voting faggots

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Yes the guy is an imbecile, same text with different names was all he needed to do

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Thats why she said "Britain" instead of England. why are we speaking English in England would sound retarded to any person, but swap with Britain and it won't fry the circuits of the NPCs.

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Cause he eats them together with his spaghets

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Every two weeks will destroy your liver wtf thats too often

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Instagram, comments are usually based and everyone talks shit about trannies

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The Norwegian breviks guy also shot white people

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Lmfao fax

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He probably replied with a muh 'spreading awareness'

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You probably don't live in a big city then. Can't even go to the bank without seeing tranny and pride flags on the door going in

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Not everyone knew the earth was round and circled the sun because everyone was an illiterate peasant except for abtiny fraction of the population that could actually read. And although Galileo was right in hindsight he couldn't adequately prove his theory.

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We live in weird times for sure but not everything is a plot.

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Thats because woke churches were never churches to begin with. They broke with the line of succession started with the apostles, abandoned tradition, invited heresy and allowed any person who read the Bible and came up with his own convoluted and heretical interpretation to become 'pastors'.

Heresy is the logical conclusion of 'sola scriptura' because you could give the same Bible to 100 different people and you'd get 100 different interpretations. Without the Holy Spirit guiding the Church (bride of Christ), wokeism and false prophets, wolves in sheeps clothing and lesbian pastors is the end result.

I suggest you look into Eastern Orthodoxy. It's Christianity that emphasizes the spiritual connection and direct, lived relationship with God vs the dry, scholarly and academic 'faith' preached by pastors who can tell you everything there is to know about God but wouldn't recognize Him if God were standing in front of him.

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