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This is written about communists kidnapping citizens in Russia in "gulag archipelago".

Basically, everyone quietly complied with minor hopes that they were fine... Only to not be fine at all.

Those who loudly fought back, screamed that they're being kidnapped or assaulted, etc caused their communist captors to back off and walk away. The comunists wanted no part in making a scene that turned the victim into a Victor, as they created it would encourage others to stand up as well.

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What are you talking about, pedophile loving faggot

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I can.

Because he's black 😂

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Funny how the only black supreme court justice is also the best one, and that liberals hate him.

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The fact those retards are still not asking questions after how long they've been there to begin with is very telling. They'll never wake up until their facing down the barrel of a gun when it's their time to get fucked.

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Pretty sure the founding fathers intended tyranny to be ended by way of the second amendment, not by talking on your jobsite.

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Yeah I noticed that. But when anything DeSantis comes up, you can bet your ass he'll be in there copy pasting the same comment to everybody.

Even if he's right about DeSantis, who the hell is gonna be better right now for Florida?

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2024 election is stolen by 20 million votes

Us: "lol remember when Biden failed to get the voting rights bill passed??? Winning! Oh, wait 2 more weeks for Arizona's 2020 audit, the state will definitely get overturned and so will the 2020 election and Trump will have completed his term now that it's 2024 and now have more audits to do! "

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I don't think it's anaconda, he didn't say anything bad about DeSantis in his comment. Haven't checked his comment history but if it's anaconda, it's mostly anti DeSantis comments

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I worked in 3, 1 my daughter was born in.

In Romania I went for a covid test to take the bus into Ukraine, and in Ukraine for a young nephews tooth pain, and for my wife to get something minor checked out cheap.

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I'm sure it's not. This is in king county near Seattle. 100% a triggered faggot. The gas station owners and workers always have their masks down and never say a word about me coming in without it and are even friendly. So I doubt it.

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The gas pump is yours? Shove it up your ass, wanker. Oh no, a sticker, maybe you should go destroy more police cars and private businesses. Go attack some more court houses. Go start an autonomous zone in protest of police while murdering 3 innocent black people.

Small dick having tranny. Go workout or something you undesirable fat fuck whale.

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