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Reference to an older movie called the wonders with tom hanks.

(Edit - it was actually called "That Thing You Do", thanks for the comment below, RD.)

Basically bout a beatles like band that wanted to call themselves "The Oneders", pronounced "Wonders". After blowing up with a hit song, everyone was talking about them but pronouncing their name wrong, saying "great song but wtf is an Oh Needer?"

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"Oh NEE der"

These fucking guys indeed

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Actually omicron reminds me of futurama

It was an alien planet

Krypton is an alien planet too

My point is that it is starting to sound ridiculous, I wasnt trying to flex my big brain on everyone, chill

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Hey Tony, tell the freak richard levine that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina

Trust the science right?

It is basic biology that a male can never become a female and vice versa.

Also, fuck you tony

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Thats a nice start.

Scorched earth is what I want to see

Give them nothing, take from them everything

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Omicron variant...

What's next?

Krypton variant?

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You love to see it.

Someone should replace it with this masterful work of art here.

Its just perfect. We have the best photoshop artists. This is the best place on the internet.


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I actually agree with everything you said. I said "almost everything" because I thought I was responding to someone else who just said "fuck her".

If we were to abandon her now, then you can bet no other R would have the balls to stand up and join the handful that already are.

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Well said man, I agree with almost everything.

I still like Lauren because shes one of the best that we have sadly. One of the very few that would even dare to speak the truth.

This apology is very weak on her part but I cant say fuck her yet. We need her to focus on policy rather than cracking pointless backpack bomb jokes that only hurt our cause.

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I watched it believe me. I just dont think he meant that he supports their cause, just their right to demonstrate. I suppose its open to interpretation like most things.

Who knows though, shits so fucked right now in this country, these details dont even matter anymore.

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The mob of perpetually offended pussies will never be appeased with apologies.

Her apology simply legitimizes all of them calling her a bigot racist etc.

She gave up playing rough against the jihad squad of crybullies. Very disappointing.

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Since context is so important, Ill tell you that he simply said he supports their right to protest peacefully.

Kyle said he doesnt support the rioting looting etc, and he never said he supports their racist and anti-police beliefs.

Just the right to peacefully demonstrate which I support for all Americans.

Since they have shown themselves to be violent and rabid, I very strongly support them being designated as a domestic terror group.

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Does anyone have a link to exactly what she said in this apology?

I need to hear what she said verbatim to make a full judgment.

I dont even know the specific thing she apologized for...

Edit: Never mind I found it and posted it

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Happen to have a link?

I must have missed it

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This post should have been stickied over your other Thanksgiving post haha

Love your work

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For Joe, Chuck, and Adam, thinking of children incites an erection.

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The only thing criminals fear is an armed victim.

Good to see that thief cower in fear before getting plugged. The same fear he intended for his would be victim came crashing back to him with the force of 1500 feet per second

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All of a sudden they care about analyzing the "sequence of events" when protecting a racist black supremacist mass murderer of women and children.


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Its not a racist domestic terrorist organization?

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People like Seth sold their soul there so him insisting its the opposite of what it is somehow validates the decision to be a hollywood whore in the mind of this vapid narcissist.

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