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And an M1 Stacey for overwhelming tyranny

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G Prime is the best artist around, his work is truly inspired and the expressions are always on point.

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Use this pictogram to pull a big sneaky on libbies

Profit 📈

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Ugandan knuckles will never die, first thing I thought of too

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They screech for people to trust the science

Just not the science that went into determining their gender at birth (the most basic of all)

They have completely lost their collective hive mind

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We should stop celebrating mental disorders all together

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How about lockable doors? Bulletproof glass? These things are a one time investment and would be a big help.

I agree that some capable teachers should be armed of course, but don't see why we haven't invested in locks on the doors yet! I mean of all the solutions to try, surely that would be the easiest.

If we can send 60B to Ukraine over the last year then I think we can swing magnetic lock systems for all schools ffs.

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Delete this post then if it's a hoax

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Yes, this is thebreal issue.

Criminals like this should killed by implement in the town square for all to bear witness unto.

Then the deterrent would actually work. Criminals don't fear prison, and in many cases, it's an upgrade.

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Yea dude go there they are chewing her up bad

I scrolled for an hour and found only 1 single npc comment supporting her.

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I'm reading the comments now.

99.99% based as fuck to match the survival rate of the Kung Flu

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Crime statistics support the opposite outcome

Hate crimes against whites by blacks are ignored

Hate crimes against blacks by whites are fabricated

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"Is that a gang shootout going on over there?!"

"No, that's just 2 groups shooting at each other."

"OH thank God"

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