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That's AJFA by Metallica and sadly they are half cucked. As a huge Metallica fan, it pains me to say that Megadeth is infinitely more based.

The J6 prison choir is perfectly fitting for this event.

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Today I learned that Charles Manson is clearly out crazy-eyed by AOC

Wtf lol

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Ron should have been the first to endorse Trump


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It would take a true jackass to believe the powers that be would ever allow the general public to unfiltered AI.

This is curated propaganda approved by the treasonous and shameless democrat tech tyrants.

But you all already know that.

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Yes it's all for show.

Sedition, insurrection, tax fraud, stolen classified docs, Russian collusion... all the charges were fabricated bullshit for theatrical purposes. Not one scrap of evidence for any of the persecution. The fact that they must now fall back on ol stormy, is shockingly funny. They may as well have a Hawaiian DA charge him for colluding with volcanoes.

Clown world intensified and atlas shrugged.

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Pointing out the obvious doesn't make you special.

Typing "hahaha" after pointing out the rigged system makes you the cunt.

Now that we've established we are both cunts, now we can both fuck off

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You defeatist fucks are pathetically identical to each other. You always laugh like jackasses at the end of your cookie cutter comments.

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They can't. They would need a felony to disqualify him which is why they tried fabricating insurrection, sedition, giving classified docs to russia first.

All that failed miserably and blew up in their faces spectacularly so now they are forced to pin the rest of their pathetic malintentions on a filthy dried up dollar store stripper

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Strong theatrics for Trump hate porn clips for Jimmy Kimmel. It's a dog with no teeth

All their sedition, insurrection, tax crimes, and stealing classified documents to give Russia the nuke codes amounted to a dried out dog turd.

They have now been forced to fall back on a literal dried out dog turd, Stormy Daniels. This should be laughed at as nothing will come of it besides hyper partisan democrats will act like they are "getting" Trump.

Don't get shaken up, this is just another (and especially weak) witch hunt.

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No need to be a dickhead

I happen to think you sound retarded, but I would never say that

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The endless witch hunts only make Trump stronger. They would like to forget about how badly the last witch hunt blew up in their faces. After 6 years of scrabbling like jackals for his taxes, they finally revealed them to the public only to show that he was the only president to leave the presidency with less money then when he entered it. I have never seen them shut the fuck up about something so completely and so abruptly. He is the true master baiter.

Fucking glorious 😆

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All of their insurrection and sedition bullshit failed so badly, all they can fall back on is stormy daniels. The case is miniscule and Trump has unlimited funds compared to tour average person with a team of lawyers. This is desperation and nothing will stick, at least that's what I believe.

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The case amounts to jaywalking so he probably wants a front row seat to the backfire so he can laugh in their faces 😆

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He and that Gprime guy are my two favorites by far

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No that's "...And Justice For All"

This one is just called "Justice For All"

by Roty
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Stop shouting you feces hurling goober

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Delete this, repost it, new title.

Replace "to" with "should".

You were just one word off.

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Of course this is ridiculous, everything they do and say is.

Side note, turns out this is one of my things. That is a fine ass pantry and I have some... stuff to do when I get home from work today.

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