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I never smoked either.

Just asking how many are old enough to remember these.

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No purchase necessary because no charge.

These were complimentary.

Just like the cocaine spoons.

I mean coffee stirrers.

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Cigarette butts.

Obviously you are not like me.

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What shutdown?

From the linked article:

Though these "newspapers" are political ads in disguise, they aren't illegal. The state attorney general's office tells Axios it hasn't received any complaints and is not pursuing legal action.

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Fact Check On Robert Byrd:

He organized and led a 150-member chapter, or "Klavern," of the Klan as the "Exalted Cyclops." In Klan hierarchy, according to Slate, each Klavern is led by an Exalted Cyclops typically elected by his fellow Klansmen. The Exalted Cyclops reports to a "Grand Giant" (provincial leader), "Grand Dragon" (state director) and "Grand Wizard" (national chair).

You see it is OK. He was not a Grand Dragon. Only an underling in Klan hierarchy.

Nothing to see here. 🤡 🌎

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Imagine a Minnie Mouse costume instead.

Or other Disney characters.

Hell, Donald Duck did not even wear pants.

Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy and so many others.

You could be onto something here.

Make them hate Disney, not just Mickey.

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Have to love that Axios Editor Note at bottom of article:

This story was corrected to show that Will County state's attorney is a Democrat, not a Republican.

Yet nowhere in article is Will County mentioned.

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The real life caricature of Jigsaw. I cannot be the only one that sees it.

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Minimalist quality meme right there. 👍

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Obviously a private party in the Hood.

Guessing that hired party clowns are a little different than when and where I grew up.

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Bureaucracy at its finest.

We need more government and regulations.

Please govern us harder.


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"Believe every word we give you except the descriptions of the images".

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Brittney Griner still clinging to title of World's Smallest Natural Breast.

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What is the carbon footprint of one of those ships even while docked?

They dumping sewage while docked.

So many questions.

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Will I ever fall asleep again? 🎶 🎵

lol by k-doe1
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Not so prime it would seem.

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