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I hope he stops referring to them as LIBERALS & starts calling them what they truly are, LEFTISTS.

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If you are on Government assistance, you cannot vote. This should be a law.

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They know how the flood gates of truth will flow if they release all those people from Jan Six. All the scumbags who were in on it will fight their release. They need to be freed.

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I have loved playing all the Civilizations games. Just downloaded it for the PS5, we'll see how it goes. First one I will play on console, all previous on PC/laptop. Civ5 filled my entire laptops memory so I called that my "CIV5 LAPTOP" cause that's all I used it for. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to eat for dinner. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, and that is not what they want anyway. We out number them. This is why they cheat. They wouldn't need to cheat if they truly outnumbered us.

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...and FOOD. Can't eat, ya don't live. I'll toss fresh water in that too.

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Do it. Let them know. Maxine Watters told us to do it.

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I will have his back until my last breath, and will be MAGA even if he breathes his last, but we will accomplish NOTHING with the mail-in ballots, dirty voter rolls, voting machines and fraud. These next two years, WE ALL ARE GONNA NEED TO FIGHT! We can't sit back and hope. That does nothing but makes them stronger.

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I gave up the NFL. Thanksgiving used to be my football day. I have yet to watch a single down today.

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Anyone who is downvoting this comment doesn't deserve liberty or freedom. Go ahead and down doot thie too, but our Forefathers gave us a Constitutional Republic and told us that we would have to FIGHT to keep it. They gave us the blueprints for removing a tyrannical government and here we are, allowing them to rob our nation blind, take our freedoms and are trying to replace the straight, white, Conservative male with Mexican/Central American criminals. They opened their jails and our Government has left the door open. That alone is Sedition. They have stolen our elections, that alone is Treason. How far do they have to go before you decide to get off your fat ass and DO SOMETHING? We don't need violence, we need to coordinate and show our numbers nationwide. We don't need to march in DC, we do it where we live. Red states, Conservative cities & towns. The time has come for us to show the Globalists that WE THE PEOPLE control our own lives and our own nation. Or is sportsball more important? Are you too comfortable? When you get uncomfortable, it will be too late.

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Twitter is fantastic now, but I AM STILL PERMANENTLY BANNED! I saw the poll today, hopefully he let's me back on. I wanna respawn in the battlefield. Time to take some scalps

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Ain't gonna happen if we don't fix our elections.

I know we are all busy. I know we have jobs. I know we have more to lose....but we gotta get out and start protesting in our RED states and our RED towns until they fix the voter rolls, ban mail-in ballots and stop the fraud.

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As long as we are around, it will always be here.

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Did youse guys watch DIED SUDDENLY on Rumble yet? Stew Peters produced it, I think. It was good. Nothing we all didn't already know but good to send out to people who can't figure this all out on their own.

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God gave me two arms, one for holding the rifle, one to hold the grip and pull the trigger. God game me two eyes, one to keep an eye on our corrupt government and one to look down the sights. God game me two legs, to chase down pedos and kick their ass. God gave me two livers and one kidney, so I can drink enough, not to act upon my thoughts. God gave me two sides of my brain, one side for logical thinking, common sense and analysis. The other side for being creative, like creating sounds and music from the grunts and screams of those politicians who will be on trial and hung for forcing people to take the clot shot. God gave me two nostrils, one to enjoy the smell of gun powder & cartridge discharge residue, the other to wack down biker rails of Columbian bam bam.

Keep yer powder dry boys & stay frosty frens. God is on our side and we will prevail.

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My mother taught me not to hate anyone.


Our Government is not anyone.

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When Conservatives get back in FULL POWER, (it will happen) we must go scortched earth on the fucks. We need to hear the Media REEEEEEEeeeeee! EVERY NIGHT. "How can they be putting these people behind bars, how can they be hanging so many good people" and then go after the media too. There is so much corruption.

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Yes, Arizona was so fuct up in 2020, Katie Hobbs was promised that if she covered it up, the Leftists would guarantee her the Governors mansion in AZ for 2022. They rigged the midterms just as much as 2020. Fraudulent elections, yet nobody is gonna get out and protest? No marching? No fight against this corruption? This could be their straw that breaks the camels back. Expose Maricopa and redo the election, you knock down that first domino. LET'S GO MARICOPA! GET AFTER IT!

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He knows how to get them to admit their guilt and make themselves look like fools. Now we need someone to charge them.

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Yes, THIS. We need some heads to roll. One is good start. 1500 is a better start. I want some charges, no pussy footing around.

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Now a lot of folks on here go after Jim Jordan, calling him all bark & no bite. Just wait and see. I think he's gonna show some balls on this and go after these scumbags. Full exposure. Then, it's on the pussies to bring accountability. We need to install a backbone into our GOP.

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CBS bailed and then was standing there like the Pulp Fiction/John Travolta meme, nobody followed and it was great. I hope more Leftist Fake News tries to leave. It will show normies who they are. We, we already know.

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