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The actual bill punished LGBTQ people up to life imprisonment or the death penalty- we should yank all foreign aid from countries who criminalize LGBTQ, practice Sharia law, are communist, mandated jabs, etc. That’s why we honestly should yank foreign aid from them, although we should not be giving foreign aid because we’re 30 trillion in debt and most of these countries would never defend us if we were attacked…

As a pede who’s alphabet- I understand that not everyone will agree. However, I expect to be allowed to live my life in peace without the government fucking me over.

I don’t expect other countries to like LGBTQ. But the bare minimum is that it should NOT be a crime and some sort of civil partnership with all equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities of marriage in the legal hemisphere should be allowed. Although marriage should be a religious ceremony and government marriages should be relabeled domestic partnerships.

To be fair I’d rather us be an isolationist nation unless directly threatened and we just not simp in defending other foreign countries. But if we’re giving them money we better attach our strings to it.

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I have gender dysphoria & I’ve had it since my teen years- even my autism therapist who isn’t a lefty admits that I probably have it, and my religious dev pediatrician was not surprised. I’m in the unlucky percentage of people with GD who did not grow out of it after puberty.

There’s a reason you don’t put kids on puberty blockers, hormones, or put them under the knife for gender dysphoria reasons.

I know that my chromosomes and bone structure won’t change but I’m not worried about that. It’s about my day to day life…

Biological sex is what you’re born with, gender is what you identify as.

I know that being a trans woman like me and being a cis woman are VERY DIFFERENT experiences. We’re both still women and it’s still different.

And I am never getting bottom surgery- you wouldn’t believe how many of my friends are relieved.

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Should kids be attending drag shows? Nope. Should the venue be punished? Nope. The damn event organizers should have had age limits or had waivers for parents/adults to sign explaining possible sexual acts and all that. But make the rules fine the event organizer, NOT the venue. Or fine the event organizers $1,000 per kid under 16, and like the fine be $1,000 per head per year the attendee is under 18.

Simple solution, if the drag industry wants mainstream support again, they could self regulate by having an age minimum of like 16, 18, or whatever is like old enough to be having sex and past the “ All I want are video games and play outside” stage.

But honestly as a trans woman- I saw 5 minutes of a drag show at Pride and told my friends “They do the same stuff every time- I’ve seen enough”. They were like “Drag is an art form”. I was like- it may be but I’m bored, and ready for my steak dinner at the hotel waiting on me.

I don’t think I’ll attend another drag show again because honestly I can’t relate to the drag queen performers but transgender youtubers are more of my thing. They’re cool and do awesome art but it’s not my thing.

To be fair I’m a World of Hyatt rewards program member.

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Should I transfer my 80,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points over to Hyatt now?

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Seriously I support not letting minors going under the knife for gender surgeries but now we’re targeting transgender ADULTS? This is big government and anti freedom…

Adults can make these decisions kids can’t.

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Shoot…I have gender dysphoria myself. I’m 25 now and frankly- GD didn’t kick in much for me until middle school- WAY BEFORE it became a hot topic.

I am probably going to start hormones in the next 12 months and I’ve started socially transitioning late last year. I don’t think I would have been able to handle the semantics of all this as a minor.

And NOBODY had to tell me what LGBTQ was for me to know that I feel like a woman but my body didn’t exactly get the memo.

And don’t teach like the elementary aged kids graphic sexual stuff. Seriously I lost my innocence as soon as gender dysphoria kicked in so I had to grow up fast.

Even my conservative Christian developmental pediatrician who sees me as an adult still now was like “yep, not surprised about your gender”.

Seriously- give the kids those few precious tender years of innocence left. Kids will start asking questions about sex when they start feeling romantic/sexual feelings towards kids their own age.

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Fine upstanding Christian man, although he was a lousy President long before I was ever born (I’m a Zoomer).

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Uh- no. Most of us who are LGBTQ actually DID NOT fall for the commercial because of who funded it. A lot of LGBTQ social media pages were telling us about the dark money behind the ads.

Is Jesus for all of us? Absolutely. Does Jesus get us? Absolutely as He was fully human and fully God.

Most of our complaints were with the people financing/orchestrating the ads.

Had the financiers been pro LGBTQ, they probably would not have complained…

But frankly at a minimum- we NEED Jesus IN THE CONVERSATION.

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Uh…sexual orientation isn’t something that can be changed.

Now gender dysphoria- most grow out of it as adults…frankly I am one of the unlucky ones - but at least I’m smart enough to refuse bottom surgery.

Most kids who have gender dysphoria end up as happy lesbian, gay, or bisexual adults.

If your kid is lesbian, gay, or bisexual- well frankly be thankful if they don’t have gender dysphoria; and just teach them the same safe relationships principles like don’t let anyone take advantage, vet carefully, etc. I have a number of normal, happy, successful LGB friends.

I don’t know any trans peeps besides myself. Gender dysphoria is hell. Is it a life ruiner? No- if you wait till adulthood to transition and don’t rush anything. At church on Sunday I got so jealous and almost wanted to cry but my body couldn’t produce the tears when a woman 3 seats away was doing her ponytail.

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Is MTG jewish? I can’t find anything on DDG about her being Jewish.

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In Wisconsin they occupied their capitol in 2010 over Act 10…

PEACEFUL protests like January 6th Patriot Day and the one going on in Oklahoma today (even though minors should not be getting bottom surgeries or double mastectomies for gender reasons) are constitutionally holy, righteous, and frankly NEEDED to show the government who’s boss every once in a while.

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Honestly after him going from nobody to where you’re not allowed to criticize him…I think he may be the AC…

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Honestly I trust her more than anyone in DC; and more than DeSantis in terms of her being MAGA for real and no deep state/secret society ties.

EDIT = I forgot about Kari Lake. Either would be wonderful.

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As a Christian, Patriot, and transgender lesbian…MY BLOOD IS BOILING.

For starters if there’s DNA evidence it’s open & shut case. Lock them up and they should NEVER be allowed to supervise a minor ever again…

You PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DESTROYED these kids who you were SUPPOSED to love, protect, cherish & raise for success…,

ON TOP OF THAT- they make average ordinary LGBTQ adults get painted with a broad brush…when in fact I have autism which means I have sensory triggers and surprise- kids, especially the little ones, are hell on my sensory triggers (which is why I will never have kids- by my choice). As someone who may have an autism sensory overload and have to leave a space if a kid starts screaming or gets too close to me- I don’t want to be lumped with these people just because they’re LGBTQ like me.

I have a lesbian couple friend who has a 1 year old son, they’re actually eliminating or seriously minimizing his screen time when he’s little- way to go for good parenting.

Stricter background checks and psychosexual evaluations for all people interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents.

In all seriousness, lock these Chester the Molesters UP. But don’t seize their assets that’s dirty and unconstitutional because it wasn’t blood money the way Bernie Madoff or bank robbers work- instead they should be allowed to sell their stuff, divide the proceeds, then pay the attorneys after mortgage debt then the rest goes to their future prison commissary accounts.

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As a trans woman- there’s a bunch of reasons why I will NEVER get the bottom surgery. Shoot- my dysphoria is In pretty much everything else EXCEPT my 🍆. It’s just there like an arm, leg, or finger.

Gender is NOT about what’s between the legs anyway. Biological sex is what you’re born as, gender is what you identify as.

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She’s a woman but it doesn’t undo what she did.

The jury was deadlocked but the judge gave her death- only Missouri and Indiana allow it although the jury rejected most of the aggravating circumstances. Evidence about feces being smeared in her face by her foster parent, and was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

But she did time for another rape before the murder.

Frankly because the jury was deadlocked and didn’t exactly lean towards the aggravating circumstances- there should have been another penalty phase OR a LWOP sentence put in place because she’s raped people TWICE- so if she got out she would probably rape a third time.

I’m not saying she should get out. But I don’t like how the judge imposed a death sentence on a deadlocked jury.

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Don’t give tax cuts or exemptions for being a parent- which punishes the rest of us.

Instead, reduce zoning to allow for increased housing supply to make it easier for younger peeps to buy homes. And make the economy better while cutting immigration and banning all future H1B/other immigration visas employers use to kill American jobs and exploit legal hardworking immigrants . This benefits ALL US CITIZENS

Some people my age want to have kids but can’t afford it although they have good jobs.

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